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Conspiracy Theorists Reckon Aussie Floods Are A Man-Made Attack

Conspiracy Theorists Reckon Aussie Floods Are A Man-Made Attack

The unsubstantiated claims have been spreading like wildfire online that the government has cooked up a 'weather warfare attack'.

Conspiracy theorists are spreading ridiculous claims that floods across Australia's east coast were actually a man-made 'government weather warfare attack'.

Yes - welcome to 2022 everyone.

Peddled by prominent former Melbourne anti-lockdown activist and Covid-19 denier James Bartolo, the unsubstantiated claims have been spreading like wildfire online, with thousands of people seemingly convinced.

"The Gold Coast and surrounds is currently under a government weather warfare attack," the self-described 'Thought Promoter' told his legions of social media followers.

"If you also know this, comment on your awareness of unnatural weather below.

"The more people who know about this bulls**t the better.'

His social media followers seem to be lapping up the Kool-Aid served up by Bartolo.

One person wrote: "100%. Locals know this is not natural, the weather anomalies are far from natural. Look at the Bureau of Meteorology, [there are] straight lines from out near Moree... Nature doesn't have straight lines.

The user went on to suggest the flooding is the result of 'spraying they've been doing daily' as well as 'the declassification of cloud seeding'.


A second follower echoed the 'cloud seeding' explanation, writing: "Definitely unnaturally created. The cloud seeding and other nefarious activities carried out by Navy and other governmental agencies has been blatant. Absolutely disgusting."

For those who exist outside of Bartolo's echo chamber, cloud seeding is the process of artificially generating rain by implanting clouds with particles such as silver iodide crystals. 

A third social media user accused the government of using 'weather weapons'.

"They are really after the Northern Rivers area, a lot of awake people down there," the person said.

"It's heartbreaking for the people affected, but they are coming together to help each other. They are strong."

Another dismissed the La Niña weather pattern currently lashing Australia and put the extreme weather down to, wait for it, 'chemtrails'.

"I've been in Wagga Wagga for the last four days and the amount of chemtrails in the sky above the Riverina region is beyond comprehension," the person said.

Bartolo has previously run into trouble for spruiking his wild theories.

Originally from Macedon, Victoria, the conspiracy theorist fled to the Sunshine State in November 2020 after he was charged with incitement for organising illegal protests during Melbourne's lockdown.

The former bodybuilder - who claims to be an army veteran - has pushed a slew of other unhinged theories in the past.

Those bizarre theories include that vaccines and 5G are weapons, the world is flat, space is fake, the government is run by freemasons, and that our water supply is being poisoned. 

Featured Image Credit: Xinhua / Alamy Stock Photo. Harley Kingston / Alamy Stock Photo.

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