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Police give pig named Elvis Pigsley a lift home after it escaped and was wandering the streets

Police give pig named Elvis Pigsley a lift home after it escaped and was wandering the streets

The pig had escaped from his Fairview, Anchorage home after a light snowstorm.

Police gave a pig named Elvis Pigsley a ride home after he escaped his home.

The Anchorage Police Department received a call from a concerned local after a hog, who they described as ‘looking cold’, had been spotted on a snow-covered road in Alaska.

The pig had managed to get out of his Fairview home and was seen struggling in the turbulent weather.

However, once police received the call, they located the piggy and returned him home safely in the patrol car.

The department wrote on its Facebook page: “Just shy of a year ago we responded to a call about a turkey trying to enter a convenience store.

"We showed up and found an actual Gobble Gobble attempting to finagle his way into the mart at a local gas station.

"After that adventure, you’d think not much would surprise us. And then yesterday happened…

They added: “We got a call from a concerned citizen regarding a pig in Fairview, standing on the side of the road, who ‘looked cold.’ We’re all familiar with refrigerated bacon, we just never thought we’d respond to a call for service related to that topic.

"As it turns out, the portly dude was quite friendly. You’ll be happy to know he has been reunited with his family and all is well.”

Many were left in stitches, as one person wrote: “You ain't nothing but a hound hog!!!!”

Another commented: “Thank you, Anchorage Police Department! He was eating snow when I first saw him and looked super happy on his morning walk.”

A third shared: “Thank you for sharing. This proves APD does it all. So happy you had a situation to make to all smile.”

While many were elated to see that Elvis had returned home in one piece, his owner, Angela Mullen-Herrara, revealed the swine is something of an ‘escape artist’.

“He’s gone on all sorts of adventures,” Mullen-Herrera told The Dodo.

“He’s a big escape artist.

"I’ve had to lure him back with apple slices before [on multiple occasions].”

She also revealed that the piggy had fled through the home gate during a light snowstorm on his most recent adventure.

Thankfully, her husband was home when police returned him.

“He told me it went well and that the police were very nice and understanding,” she said.

Perhaps Houdini would be a more fitting name?

Featured Image Credit: The Anchorage Police Department/Facebook. Nolan Boedigheimer/Facebook

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