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Cost of living payments for millions due to start this week

Cost of living payments for millions due to start this week

Those who are eligible should start receiving the government's cost-of-living support payments from today

Millions of households around the UK are set to start receiving payments today in an attempt to ease the pressures of soaring cost-of-living.

The Department of Work and Pensions will be sending out around eight million payments of £324 to eligible households, part of a two-payment £650 aimed at helping those on benefits cope during the ongoing cost-of-living crisis.

The payments will start to arrive from today until 23 November.

So, while some people have started receiving their money today, others will have to wait a bit longer, with those in receipt of Working Tax Credits or Child Tax Credits but no other means-tested benefit set to receive their payment between 23 November and 30 November.

If you’re wondering whether you need to do anything, you don’t.

People on the eligible benefits will receive the money automatically, provided they meet the requirements for the qualifying period.

Those on disability benefits received a payment of £150 in September, although some of those – as well as others waiting on the first cost-of-living payment of £326 – didn’t receive the money.

Things are still going to be tough this winter for many.

If you find yourself in that boat, there is a spot on the government’s website where you can ask them about outstanding payments.

Today, only a few payments are set to be made, before things really start to kick into gear from tomorrow.

Even if you’re not on a benefit from the DWP, you might still be eligible for the payment if you receive Tax Credits but no other eligible benefits.

Those payments – from HMRC – will come in the same week between 23 November and 30 November, after the DWP payments are made.

Again, you don’t need to check up on anything on this front.

If you’re eligible, you should receive a payment, and if you reckon you are entitled to the payments but haven’t had one, head on over to that government website linked above.

These payments are part of the government’s plans aiming to help people through a winter of soaring energy costs, as well as the increased price of just about everything else.

Fuel costs are set to rise again next year.
Olena Siemer/Alamy

Around eight million pensioners are set to receive an increased Winter Fuel Payment with an extra £300, while some eligible households are set to receive up to £600 in heating bill assistance.

In related news, last week Shell announced the second-highest profit per quarter on record, reporting £8.2 billion in profit between July and September, compared with £3.67 billion over the same period the previous year.

BP also reported profits of £7.1 billion over the same quarter, more than double its profits from the equivalent period in 2021.

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