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Costa customer furious after being given 'half empty' coffee cup

Costa customer furious after being given 'half empty' coffee cup

The angry customer said he won't be filling the company's pockets if they can't fill his coffee cup

A Costa Coffee customer was left fuming when he discovered his cup was 'half empty'.

Nick Robinson, from Swindon, Wiltshire, visited Great Western Hospital last Wednesday (29 March) and decided to pick up a large Mocha from the Costa in the hospital before heading back to work.

But Nick - who works in property maintenance - didn't realise there was a problem until he went to take his first sip in his work van.

"I ordered and paid for a large Mocha from GWH's Costa but the issue was that when I went to have a sip, the cup seemed to go up quite far as I waited for a sip," the 60-year-old told the Swindon Advertiser.

"I took the lid off and realised it was only just over half full, so you can pay for a large and you can possibly get a medium."

Oh dear.
Nick Robinson

He added that he was in too much of a rush to notice that the cup felt light and said doubters on social media didn't know the full story.

"I was carrying a bag and other things, so I then placed the cup in my drink holder and set off in the van to work," Nick explained.

"There was a lot of stain and froth remains on the side of the cup which someone pointed out when I posted the photo on social media and commented that it seems like I had drank some.

"This is not the case and what they could see was either remains of melted froth or a result of Swindon's bumpy potholes roads."

I guess we'll never know if Nick took a sip, if he lost some drink to Swindon's bumpy potholes or if it was indeed half empty.

But Regardless, Nick was not happy and has no plans to return to the coffee chain.

"I was hacked off as [I] don't like been taken for a ride," he said.

Look how unhappy he was.
Nick Robinson

"I hardly ever drink Costa as [I] find it expensive but now and again it's nice to have one. I was at GWH again on Sunday and walked right past Costa.

"I wanted a coffee but why should I fill their pockets if they can't even fill a cup?"

Costa is now keen to talk to Nick and get him back on side.

A spokesperson for Costa Coffee told LADbible: "We were sorry to learn that Mr Robinson was disappointed with his coffee and have asked that he get in touch with us directly so we can resolve the situation and look to ensure it doesn't happen again."

But what do you think: will Nick ever go back, or is their relationship dead and buried? I suppose your prediction will depend on whether you're a Costa Coffee cup half full or half empty kinda person.

Featured Image Credit: Nick Robinson

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