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Restaurant issues warning after couple flee boozy breakfast without paying

Restaurant issues warning after couple flee boozy breakfast without paying

The pair racked up a huge bill before fleeing

A restaurant has issued a warning after a couple decided to 'dine and dash' this week when they racked up a huge bill.

A man and a woman failed to pay for their food and drink after eating and drinking £78 worth of grub at Josephine's Tea Lounge & Bistro in Nottingham city centre.

The couple ordered Eggs Benedict and chicken platters, as well as four glasses of wine and four whisky and Cokes.

But unfortunately, after complaining about their food, the pair did a runner before they had paid their bill.

A man and a woman failed to pay for their food and drink.
Facebook/Josephine's Tea Lounge and Bistro

Co-owners Jo and Steve Neale have since explained how the incident had 'hit them hard'.

"This has hit us hard as the bill was was high and as an independent it affects us terribly," they wrote in a Facebook post.

"Please don't do this, we all have to make a living and this is just wrong!

"We have the best team ever, they are all the hardest working, most polite girls I've ever employed and they go above and beyond for Steve and I.

"It breaks my heart that the girls working today had to go through that. It wasn't their fault and we would never blame them for the way some people conduct themselves.

"We have fabulous customers who treat the girls great but when something like this happens it just disheartens you especially with hospitality venues having to work so hard as it is."

The tea room and bistro also shared a photo of the couple on Facebook, appealing to their customers to help track them down.

"PLEASE READ! Today two people were seated at a table and ordered food and alcohol, they ate half their food and complained, demanded a menu & ordered different dishes and more alcohol.

"This continued until 4 glasses of wine, 4 whiskey and cokes and various food dishes where consumed.


They added: "It was a couple in their 30's, man ginger beard and woman with a hair in a bun."

LADbible has reached out to Josephine's, as well as Nottinghamshire Police for comment.

The bill came to £78.
Oscar Wong/Getty Stock Images

Last December, two men walked out of Viet80s in Nottingham before settling their bill.

They ordered around £115 worth of drinks and food and reportedly escaped the restaurant with what was described as the 'perfect plan'.

Manager Jolie told The Sun: "They ordered a lot of food for two people. Nottingham is a very peaceful place but we can't believe this thing has happened. It has affected our customers and business."

Some 10 days later, after their photos went viral, one turned up to 'explain' and pay up.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Josephine's Tea Lounge & Bistro / Google Maps

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