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Couple Refused Mortgage On £335,000 House After Bank Didn't Recognise Pronoun

Couple Refused Mortgage On £335,000 House After Bank Didn't Recognise Pronoun

Halifax originally refused their use of the 'Mx' pronoun, but have since made a U-turn, granting the couple their dream home

One couple, who were previously refused a mortgage due to one of them using the ‘Mx’ pronoun, are now celebrating after the bank made a landmark U-turn in their favour. 

Ruth Sabini-Roberts and wife G, who’s legal name is Mx G C Sabini-Roberts, were told the only acceptable pronoun options were ‘Mrs’ or ‘Miss’ when submitting a mortgage application. 

After making a formal complaint, the pair forced Halifax into a massive U-turn, therefore granting them their dream home. 

The couple are now celebrating this milestone victory for anyone who uses Mx pronouns. 

G, 43, recalled: “We found our dream home and applied for a mortgage. It wasn't easy, as we are self-employed. 

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“We found a great broker and he got us one with Halifax. It was agreed in principle, and we got the formal offer. Our broker had been finalising it all this week. 

“But he emailed my wife to say that Halifax would only accept ‘Mrs’ or ‘Miss’ as my title on the mortgage. 

“My bank accounts are all Mx, as is my driver's licence. It is my legal name. 

“Ruth emailed the broker earlier to ask if we could use no title, but even that doesn't work.  

“I thought ‘I can't be their first trans/nonbinary customer.’”  

The pair, who have been together for four years, feared losing out on their dream property after being told there was no option for them to amend titles outside of those on the IT system. 

G added: “There was a bizarre period for a day or two in the middle of the battle when we were contacted to ask if they would accept a mortgage deed in the name 'The Mx G C Sabini-Roberts'.  

Triangle News

“We found it hilarious and also bizarre, that they would consider an incorrect name with the title 'The' and not my actual legal name with the title 'Mx'.  

“Needless to say, we refused it.” 

After filing a formal complaint, Lloyds Banking Group, the parent company of Halifax, finally conceded. 

“No one was unpleasant to us. We did not feel discriminated against,” G continued. 

“We did not have to fight to get them to take attention. 

“But we did have to stand our ground and refuse to accept anything other than my legal name.” 

Ironically, the couple run a company called The Queer Box which promotes LGBTQ+ awareness for businesses, as G added: “I think Halifax need us.” 

A Halifax spokesperson said: ‘We're pleased that we have been able to help Mx Sabini-Roberts.  

“All correspondence relating to Mx's mortgage will use preferred pronouns.” 

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