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Warning over ‘killer clown’ craze returning as teens say they were stalked

Warning over ‘killer clown’ craze returning as teens say they were stalked

One of the teen's mum said the creepy clown followed her son and his pal

Police were called after a couple of kids were stalked by a ‘creepy’ clown, prompting fears the ‘killer clown’ trend of a few years back has returned. 

Cops were called to Hampton Pier in Herne Bay, Kent, after a 17-year-old and his friend said they were 'creepily' followed by a clown who walked quickly behind them before crouching behind a wall out of sight. 

In a post on Facebook, a mum of one of the boys wrote: "My 17-year-old son has just come home with his friend and they have both been followed along Hampton Pier to just past the park by someone dressed in a full clown outfit.

"They were acting strangely, walking fast behind them, hiding and crouching behind the sea wall [and] acting creepily like they were acting out a killer clown."

Nick Savage / Alamy Stock Photo

She went on: "My son and his friend hid for a couple of minutes and this clown was stood by the park along the sea wall swaying side to side. They ran home.

"They tried to video it but it was too dark."

Officers confirmed they were contacted over the incident which happened at about 10.10pm on Monday 22 August. 

A spokesperson for the force told Daily Star: "The person did not attempt to speak to the boys and no offences have been identified.

“A local patrol carried out a search of the area but no one matching the description was located.”

It is understood the 'clown' was not reported to be carrying a weapon.

Back in 2016 people dressed as clowns were spotted across the UK and US, jumping out of bushes and chasing people down the street, in what was known as the 'killer clown' trend.

Jens Rother / Alamy Stock Photo

And last year, a man was spotted dressed as a creepy clown crouching behind bushes in the dark. It’s a big nope from me. 

The ominous figure was seen in Speke, Liverpool, shortly before Halloween last year - the witness mamabed to snap a quick photo of the creepy clown. 

The costume consisted of a black and white clown suit with a white neck ruff and a garish mask that featured a bright red nose, purple hair and giant teeth.

Sharing photos of the bush-dwelling clown, a witness told the Liverpool Echo: "It's that's time of the year again.

"I've been out and about in Speke and I saw the clown out and about around Ganworth Road area."

Featured Image Credit: shutterstock

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