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Jobless dealer ‘monstermunchman’ boasted of luxury holidays, watches and jet skis

Jobless dealer ‘monstermunchman’ boasted of luxury holidays, watches and jet skis

He was given an 18-year prison sentence for conspiracy to supply class A and B drugs

A drug dealer, who used EncroChat under the handle 'monstermunchman', boasted about luxury holidays and showed off designer watches despite being unemployed.

Jamie Joseph Veale, 32, from Widnes, used an encrypted device to access the secretive communications network that was widely used by serious and organised criminals.

But international law enforcement brought down the network in May 2020.

After police gained access to the network, Cheshire Police became part of a huge operation led by the National Crime Agency and working with the North West Regional Organised Crime Unit, which led to Veale’s arrest.

Data from across a three-week period between May and June 2020, showed Veale using EncroChat to operate a high-level drug dealing business.

Jamie Joseph Veale was sentenced to 18 years.
Cheshire Police

He was seen to negotiate prices for kilo amounts of class A drugs from those involved in the importation of the bulk amounts.

Police say he was responsible for the supply of at least 17kg of cocaine.

Although ostensibly without income Veale would talk about spending months overseas in luxury villas and would go on extravagant holidays.

He also owned a jet ski and a collection of designer watches.

On 29 June, 2020, police carried out a search at Veale’s home and discovered multiple mobile devices, cash, a large amount of designer jewellery and clothing, and drug related paraphernalia.

Veale was arrested and charged with drug supply offences.

In court, he pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply class A and B drugs.

Yesterday, (26 July) he was jailed for 18 years.

Veale used EncroChat to negotiate drug prices.
Pexels/Ali Madad Sakhirani

Detective Sergeant Christian Gordon said: “Despite having no job, Veale reaped the benefits of his criminal activity, owning luxury items and going on expensive trips abroad. He was responsible for the supply of a substantial amount of cocaine and ran his conspiracy through a platform he believed would keep him under the radar.

“But after EncroChat was infiltrated, officers were able to comb through messages attributed to Veale under a codename and collect a catalogue of evidence against him. Thanks to this hard work, he is now facing a lengthy spell behind bars.

“Although this case is now closed, our fight continues against those intent on bringing illegal drugs into our communities. If you have any information in relation to drugs offences, please contact us via or call 101.”

EncroChat had around 60,000 users before it was shut down by police. As a result of police being able to read the once-encrypted messages, hundreds of arrests have been made across Europe.

Featured Image Credit: Cheshire Police/Daniel Allan/Getty Images

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