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Confused Customer At Spanish Restaurant Charged Every Time A Waiter Brought Something To The Table

Confused Customer At Spanish Restaurant Charged Every Time A Waiter Brought Something To The Table

A diner was disgusted when they received their bill

A punter has hit out at a bar after he was charged every time a waiter brought something to his table.

Galey Hermoso paid a visit to the Imperial Bar in Zamora, Spain, last year, were he enjoyed some food and a few drinks.

However, he was left shocked when the bill came and he discovered that he had been charged for more than just his orders.

In a post to Twitter, Mr Hermoso revealed that the waiter added 20 cents to his bill whenever they brought anything over, such as a coke or some tapas.

The 'final straw', he said, was when the bar charged him one euro for some cutlery.

Calling out the eatery, Mr Hermoso said: "Something strange happened to us a few days ago in Benavente.

"Every time the waiter came to the terrace table to bring something: beer, the tapa... he charged us 20 cents.

"The last straw was the euro that he charged us to put some cutlery to cut a toast that we had ordered."

Following the post, plenty of people jumped in to back the disgruntled diner.

One user said: "The cutlery then was to take away just like the food you carried in your belly? I would have taken it, they have sold it to you, because, by that rule, they should have also charged you for the plate of toast, the glasses of beer, etc. I think the cutlery is yours."

However, not everyone was so irate by the charges as some said they were used to this kind of service and had no problem with paying it.

"I would say that it is misunderstood, since I was a child, any product consumed on the terrace was charged more expensively," put one.

While another added: "The cutlery isn't, but that they charge terrace service for each drink is normal. You can also drink inside and they don't charge it, they have to pay for the terrace."

The bar charged the customer for taking orders to the table.
Bar Imperial

According to Spanish News Today, the bar defended its position, claiming that it was common practice to charge an extra fee for service away from the bar.

LADbible has contacted the Imperial Bar for a comment.

Earlier this year, two American tourists took legal action against a bar in Mykonos after they were charged €600 (£511) for two cocktails and some crab legs.

Brenda Moulton and her daughter, 19-year-old Kaylea, claim they were 'lured' into DK Oyster bar in Platis Gialos beach, before being 'overcharged' for their food and drinks.

The pair had a mojito each, along with some crab legs, but were mortified when a bill of over €520 arrived along with an €80 mandatory tip.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Bar Imperial

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