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Warning Issued To Brits Travelling To Spain As Temps Rise Well Over 40C

Warning Issued To Brits Travelling To Spain As Temps Rise Well Over 40C

Brits have been warned it's going to be hot!

The temperature is set to rise and for those lucky enough to be going on holiday to Spain or Portugal in the next few weeks, it's going to get seriously hot.

So hot, in fact, that an official weather warning has been issued by Spain's Met Office and parts of Portugal have been noted to been hotter than usual.

For holidaymakers set to enjoy their trip, including Brits, advice has been shared to encourage tourists to be safe in the hot weather.

The temperatures in Spain are expected to soar above 40C, with the most intense conditions expected in Costa del Sol, as well as the Balearic and Canary Islands, up until the end of next week.

Spain is expected to get hotter than usual and holidaymakers have been warned.

In Andalusia, in particular, an orange weather warning has been issued and is expected to be in place until mid September.

Most of the country is on yellow warnings, and those heading to southern Spain are being advised to protect themselves against the heat. Advice includes staying indoors, ensuring they stay hydrated and wearing SPF 50 suncream.

Aemet, Spain's Met Office, stated: "The heat will be very intense on the mainland and in the Balearics at least until next Wednesday and it is not ruled out that it could extend for a couple of days.

"The intense heatwave is very rare for the month of June."

Holidaymakers are advised to exercise extreme caution and avoid exposure to the sun in peak hours of the day, according to Aement.

Andalucia has issued an orange weather warning to holidaymakers.

They also added: "As of Thursday, we will exceed 35C in large areas of the Peninsula; more than 30C to 32C in the Balearic Islands and the south of the Canary Islands."

Even at night there's expected to be no relief, with some nights predicted to stay feeling tropical at 20C.

Even these temperatures are expected to be dwarfed by the heat surge from the weekend onwards and through the rest of summer.

Across Spain and in particular hotspots such as Costa del Sol and the Canary Islands, local healthcare centres are on high alert to deal with a potential influx of patients affected by the unusually warm weather.

Canary islands have also been noted as one of the hotspots this summer.

A health spokesperson from the Canary Islands said: "These actions are intended to increase individual prevention capacity to face the heat in the Canary Islands by applying measures that are easy and accessible."

For Portugal, the hot weather is expected to continue throughout summer and into autumn. Holidaymakers are advised to take care, with temperatures rising to the hottest on record last month since 1931.

Ricardo Deus, from the Division of Meteorological Forecasting and Surveillance and the Division of Climate and Climate Change at IPMA told The Portugal News: “There are several scenarios, but the most likely is that the month of June will be considered normal to hot.”

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