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Cyclist runs red light but police face more criticism for 'doing 58 in a 20'

Cyclist runs red light but police face more criticism for 'doing 58 in a 20'

The cyclist was stopped and reported by Surrey Police, but people are questioning whether the response was justified

Police have shared footage of a cyclist being pulled over for running a red light - but people are divided over whether their response was proportionate.

In the footage, a cyclist can be seen ignoring the red lights and heading straight through across the road before police swiftly go on after them, reaching speeds of 58mph.

See the footage from the police vehicle here:

Surrey Police's road policing unit shared the footage on Twitter on Thursday (1 December), making an example of the cyclist who decided to take a chance right in plain sight of the Vanguard Road Safety Team.

Sharing the footage, the tweet read: "Whilst on enquiries last night in Fulwell, near Twickenham, a cyclist thought it was a good idea to contravene a red traffic light - right in front of the #VanguardRST.

"Cyclist stopped and reported for the offence."

The force added that the cyclist was fined £30.

People were divided over the action the cops took.
Surrey Police

The tweet has received more than 2,000 likes but in the comments, many people questioned the action the cops took.

One person wrote: "I don't think going 58mph in a 20mph zone is proportionate in this instance.

"PLAN - Proportionate: highly unlikely; Legal: probably yes; Accountable - who did this?; Necessary - absolutely not.

"Waiting and then going 15mph above the speed limit thereafter would've been sufficient."

Another commented: "Almost 60mph in a built up area to catch a cyclist. Proportionate, and safe?"

A third added: "Why would you feel the need to go 58mph in a 20 to catch up with a cyclist."

However, others praised the police response.

"If the cyclist could be identified by means of an index plate like a car, maybe they would have stayed put…. But they ain't," one person commented.

Cyclists should never run through red lights.
PURPLE MARBLES / Alamy Stock Photo

"Perfectly proportional and justifiable."

Another wrote: "They want to use the road, they need to deal with the consequences of breaking the law, well done officers."

While a third agreed: "As a cyclist (and car driver) it really annoys me when other cyclists run reds/break the rules. Tarnishes the many with the bad name of a few. Nice work."

A spokesperson for Surrey Police told LADbible: "Dangerous use of roads contributes to the many traffic collisions we see every day.

"This is why the Vanguard Road Safety Team, along with our Roads Policing Unit, work proactively to target all road users who commit driving offences."

Featured Image Credit: Surrey Police

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