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A hilarious TikTok video captures the moment a heroic dad was forced to clamber up a water slide to help his daughter after she got stuck.

Andrew Reece, 38, was branded ‘dad of the year’ after his recent trip to a theme park ended with a splash.

He had taken his six-year-old daughter Sienna to Gulliver’s World in Warrington, where she decided to go on the Togo Tower in the Safari Kingdom.

According to the park’s website, the three-lane water slide opened in 2017 and sees riders ‘sit in inflatable dinghy boats which are sent zooming down one of the tower's blue coloured slides’.

Andrew Reece had to climb up to help his daughter.

“Each slide has a bump halfway down, which can cause the dinghies to feel as though they have briefly launched into the air before they continue sliding down to the bottom,” it says.

“Togo Tower is a lot of fun, and perfect for racing against friends or family. There are, however, a lot of stairs to climb to reach the top - and the chance of getting wet on the way down!”

However, while Andrew had planned to watch little Sienna from the sidelines as she enjoyed herself on 19 June, he ended up having to get stuck in himself after her dinghy got stuck midway through the ride.

Spider-Man to the rescue...

His wife Emma, 41, captured the whole thing on camera as her hubby climbed up the slippery slide to his daughter – with the TikTok video showing her giggling from the ground.

“When your child gets stuck on a water slide, it’s dad to the rescue,” she wrote on their family account, @thenuttyfamily1.

Naturally, many people found the drama ‘hilarious’ to watch, with one commenting: “Omg I belly laughed.”

Another said: “Dad of the year award goes to him, but wife of the year goes to you for laughing and recording.”

And someone else wrote: “Dad was waiting to use his Spider-Man moves all his life.”

His wife said his shoes were 'soaked'.

To which Emma replied: “That’s what I said, was like Spider-Man!! His trainers were soaked."

Emma told the Daily Mail that her daughter felt ‘scared’ when she got stuck, and that they had called for help from the park’s staff before Andrew decided to take matters into his own hands.

She said: “Sienna was upset and was crying on the boat and we could see she was frightened, the staff had called for help over the radio but it was taking too long.

“The sun was beaming down on her and she was scared. Her dad suggested climbing up the water slide and I said he can’t because he will slide back down.

“But Andrew being Andrew, he went up to save our daughter.

"He was our hero and Sienna was so pleased her dad had gone up to rescue her.”

A spokesperson for Gulliver’s World told LADbible: “The ride operator had alerted our team who were on their way.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@thenuttyfamily1

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