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Dating Expert Reveals The Very Best Chat Up Line To Use On Tinder

Dating Expert Reveals The Very Best Chat Up Line To Use On Tinder

A dating expert has shared the best chat-up lines for Tinder, so take notes...

A dating expert has shared the best chat-up lines for Tinder, so take notes.

Look, everyone has their go-to chat-up line: best case scenario they make you laugh, worst case you're looking for the nearest emergency exit and wondering if you can down your drink before you leave.

So, to put us all out of our misery, a dating professional from Evolve Social Dating is here to help.

According to the TikToker, number one is: "You look like my future ex-wife."

We're not super convinced by this one.

We'd argue divorce isn't exactly opener material, but as the dating professional explains: "I like this one because often you'll get responses like, you know 'why future ex-wife' or you know 'ouch', or like 'yes, how did you know?' but either way you can segway it into a fun little role play."

Also, I'd argue most people aren't thinking about acting like a divorced couple when someone suggests role play, but you know, maybe it works?

Next up is: "Hey trouble."

Arguably, the best of the bunch.

Yep, we can hear creepy uncles repeating this one the world over, but the dating professional seems to have a soft spot for this opener, saying: "I like this one because it has an underlying sexual tone or frame and it usually goes really well with girls who actually look like trouble because they're likely to agree with it."

Right, there's a lot to unpack here, but at least it's not as bad as the last one.

And finally, number three is, arguably, the best of all of them a simple 'you seem like my kind of girl', which feels like an easier way to ask for a date than asking about prenups and divorces.

With the dating professional adding that at least with this one, it 'creates a little bit of intrigue, it leaves them thinking 'okay, why am I your type of girl, what type of girl do you think I am?' which then again allows you to go into a cold read'.

A cold read is just inferring traits about someone based on the little information you have available, like their Tinder profile for example.

And doing a cold read, coupled with these genius pick up lines, TikTok users thought you couldn't go far, wrong, clearly taking note of the expert.

One user said: "Wow you seem to really know your stuff," and while we'd like to see the dating expert's success rate, we've all got to start somewhere, right?

You can find out more about online dating experts Evolve Social Dating here.

Featured Image Credit: @evolvesocialdating/TikTok/Alamy

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