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Huge debate sparked about whether paying for sex counts as cheating

Huge debate sparked about whether paying for sex counts as cheating

Japanese YouTuber Takashii took to the streets of Tokyo to ask this very divisive question.

A fiery debate has been sparked online about whether paying for sex is technically cheating.

The Kyle and Jackie O Show shared a video of content creator Takashii taking to the streets of Tokyo to see if people agreed or disagreed.

All four women who were interviewed said they didn’t think it counted as cheating.

"I wouldn't like it if they have feelings for the one," one of the women says in the now-viral video.

"But I don't care if it's just for sex."

Another added: "I'd rather they go to a prostitute than talk to random girls."

A third explained: "I told my boyfriend, 'Go to a prostitute if you want to cheat. It's OK if he pays money."

Kyle Sandilands and newsreader Brooklyn Ross agreed; however, Jackie O said she wouldn’t be ‘down for that’.

KIIS FM/ The Kyle and Jackie O Show

''Why not?” Kyle asked.

Jackie replied: “It's cheating."

Brooklyn added it doesn’t count as cheating as if it was ‘just sex’.

“It's usually not about you, the woman,” Kyle continued.

He suggested that visiting a sex worker makes you think, ‘Yeah I’ve still got it’.

Jackie O was then asked about kissing, embracing, and touching, to which she still deemed as cheating.

“If your husband cheats, it's like you're taking it as a personal attack on you. Like you're not good enough, but you know, that's bulls**t,” Brooklyn said.

“[Men or the partner paying for it] are just horny?” he added.

The original video, which has now been viewed over four million times, prompted a heated debate in the comments section.

Many disagreed with the idea, as one person wrote: “That just saddens me. Women deserve better from their partners."

Another said: “That STD they're bringing back to you is gonna send you right back to this interview.”

While a third wrote in part: “Really a culture shock. I personally believe that cheating is a clear sign to end the relationship.”

However, some agreed that paying for a sex worker might just be a way to spice up the relationship.

One person commented: “If it works both ways it's acceptable... if it's only the man that is allowed to go to professional sex workers it's not.”

Another said: “If only America could be this progressive.”

While a third commented: “As a woman with an open relationship, I kinda understand this, like, even if you fall in love with a prostitute, she will not love you back, she does it only for money, it's less risk for the relationship than casual sex with friends or strangers.”

Featured Image Credit: Peter Dazeley/Getty Images. Witthaya Prasongsin/Getty Images

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