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Delivery driver goes back to confront woman who claimed he never delivered her food

Delivery driver goes back to confront woman who claimed he never delivered her food

He says her claim put his job on the line.

A frustrated delivery driver has gone viral on TikTok after following up with a customer who reported him for not delivering her food.

When TikToker @yungtuci got a notification to let him know that he failed to deliver an order to a customer who he had just dropped food to, he decided to call her out on camera.

In the caption, the driver explained that he had delivered the food to the customer's place of work, which just so happened to be a hospital 'full of cameras', so he knew he could prove he made the delivery.

To some, it may seem like this isn't a fight worth having but, as @yungtuci explains in the video, delivery drivers work as independent contractors, and if food is reported as undelivered, he'll suffer the consequences.

The delivery driver went back to confront the customer.

In the video, which currently has 23.6 million views, he walks in to the hospital reception, the driver seeks out the customer, asking if she's still 'on the clock.'

When she reveals herself, he cheerfully says: "There she is! Hello. So you didn't get the DoorDash order?"

Seeming totally confused, she quietly replies: "I'm sorry? I'm at work currently and I have no idea what you're talking about."

Pointing to the woman's co-worker, the driver tells her: "She even saw you with the food. You guys have cameras here. You said the order never arrived."

Still denying that she knows what he's talking about, the customer tells him: "I didn't."

Asked why the app says that the customer said the order never arrived, she tells him: "I don't know."

The driver then asks her if she was just trying to get free food, which would in turn 'put [his] job on the line.

The driver explained that if the customer says her food wasn't delivered, he'd be penalised.

Starting to choke up, she insists: "I didn't do anything."

But the driver refuses to budge.

"Okay well we're going to have to figure something out because it says the customer says the order never arrived and I've got a contract violation," he informed her.

"I'm an independent contractor, okay? So that puts my job at risk. So we're gonna have to call DoorDash support off your phone because I wasn't the one who said the order never arrived."

The two go back and forth for a while longer, until the woman eventually switches from not knowing anything about a DoorDash order, to admitting that she did get the food, but it must have been reported as 'undelivered' by accident.

But the driver isn't having it.

"It doesn't just randomly happen magically, you have to get a hold of DoorDash support directly to say that the order never arrived," he tells her, staying strong.

When the customer says she'll have to talk to the people she shares a DoorDash account with, but she can't right now because she's at work, the driver fires back: "Yeah, I'm currently at work too and now my job's at risk."

The customer eventually admitted that her food did arrive.

He later adds: "I can't just give you free food and sweep it under the rug, that's not how it works. I have a job too, I have five kids I've gotta feed."

Until the video comes to an end, the customer keeps insisting that she 'didn't do it', but in the caption of the TikTok, @yungtuci writes: "Had to end up telling her if she doesn't call support before the end of the day and get the violation removed, her job's on the line next."

LADbible has contacted DoorDash for comment.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@yungtuci

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