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Doctor Stuns Couples By Recommending They Should Always Sleep Alone In Separate Beds

Doctor Stuns Couples By Recommending They Should Always Sleep Alone In Separate Beds

A doctor has told couples it would be better for them if they always slept in separate beds.

A doctor has stunned couples by recommending that they should always sleep alone in separate beds. Watch below:

Popular on TikTok, Dr Karan Rajan is an NHS surgeon and lecturer at the University of Sunderland who has explained in a recent video why every couple should sleep apart.

Couples have been left stunned by his advice, though some who have tried sleeping apart say it really did help their relationship survive.

The clash of different sleep cycles coupled with all the noises and disruptions another person can cause even when in the land of nod is potentially devastating to getting a good night's sleep.

Even if one person is getting a good night's sleep, it's no guarantee that their partner isn't suffering through sleepless nights where they can't manage a good kip.

Dr Rajan says couples should always sleep alone (
Jam Press/@dr.karanr)

Here's the science-y bit – when the human body goes to sleep, what matters isn't just the amount of time a person spends asleep, but the quality of the rest too.

The real benefits of sleep come from falling into the deepest state of slumber, which Dr Rajan warns may not be possible to reach if you've got a partner right next to you making noise and moving around.

Even the heat of another person in your bed can stop you from getting the hours of deep sleep you need to properly rest and recharge.

In the video, Dr Rajan says: "One of the triggers you need to be able to fall asleep, is the drop in core body temperature.

"Sharing a bed increases body heat so it'll take longer for you to fall asleep."

While many users have been shocked at the advice from Dr Rajan, plenty of others chipped in to say sleeping apart worked for their relationship.

He says not everyone shares the same sleep cycles (
Jam Press/@dr.karanr)

One person commented: "Million percent agree to this, I sleep so much better when my partner isn’t there!"

Another added: "My husband and I have totally different sleep schedules and styles, we have slept separately for eight years, love it!"

Someone else offered their own solution to the dilemma of sleeping with their partner and getting a good night's sleep, describing sleeping with 'separate duvets' as a 'game changer'.

Not everyone was convinced, with someone insisting 'I like cuddles', while many who were open to sleeping without a partner drew the line at kicking their pets out of bed.

Of course, those who aren't part of a couple and have nobody to sleep with can feel smug and superior that they're getting a better night's sleep than everyone else.

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