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Doctors Find Whole Glass Stuck In Rectum Of Man After He ‘Accidentally Swallowed It’

Doctors Find Whole Glass Stuck In Rectum Of Man After He ‘Accidentally Swallowed It’

Doctors failed to believe he could have swallowed the glass, so the case remains a mystery for now

Warning! This one’s not for the squeamish and cotains graphic images

Doctors were left baffled after finding a whole glass inside the stomach of a 55-year-old man – who claims he swallowed the cup while drinking tea. 

The patient was admitted to a hospital in Bihar, India, with constipation and severe abdominal pain. 

He underwent an ultrasound and X-ray, in which doctors located a ‘serious disturbance’ in his intestines. 

Much to their shock, that ‘disturbance’ turned out to be a whole glass. 

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Doctors tried to remove the glass from the rectum with an endoscopic procedure, but had no such luck; they had no choice but to operate on the man to finally remove it. 

The embarrassed patient claims he simply swallowed the glass while drinking a cuppa, although doctors aren’t convinced due to the food pipe being too narrow for the object to pass through. 

Dr Mahmudal Hasan, head of the team of operating doctors, said: “How the glass got inside the body of the said patient, it is still a mystery.” 

Thankfully, the patient is currently stable after his curious mishap. 

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Speaking of foreign objects stuck inside the body, a 37-year-old virgin ended up in a predicament after getting six foot of nylon string stuck inside his penis during an unsuccessful sex game. 

The unnamed man was participating in the sex stunt before getting the string lodged into his urethra and ended up having to have it removed while he was under local anaesthetic. 

Anyone else squeezing their legs together? 

The patient's unfortunate situation was documented in the medical journal Radiology Case Reports which explained how the man had used the string - which is usually used to thread beads on to - while 'fully erect and watching a pornographic video'. 

According to reports, it was the first time he'd performed this although the study noted that he did watch porn and masturbate every day. 

It went on to outline: "In several cases, patients may deny inserting objects and claimed that the items were accidentally inserted instead. 

"This is due to the feeling of embarrassment of admitting his behaviour to achieve sexual gratification, which often leads to difficulties in acquiring accurate information during history taking. 

"Therefore, patients often came to the doctor with late and serious complications. The patient in this report also hesitated to share his condition during history taking due to embarrassment. 

"Aside from being embarrassed, he was also difficult to communicate with.” 

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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