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Dog owners could be sent to jail in Queensland if their pet mauls or kills someone

Dog owners could be sent to jail in Queensland if their pet mauls or kills someone

The Sunshine State will clamp down on irresponsible dog owners after a string of vicious attacks in recent weeks.

Queensland is making moves to clamp down on vicious dogs and irresponsible pet owners in the wake of serious maulings in recent weeks.

State MP Mark Furner held an emergency meeting of the Sunshine State’s dangerous dog taskforce this week.

Shortly after revealing several fresh punishments are on their way for dog owners who fail to adequately restrain their animals with situations escalating to maulings.

The Daily Mail reports the Queensland Agriculture Minister is yet to confirm what the new punishments will be, but he did reveal there will be an increase to the fine for owning a dangerous dog that causes harm.

Georgiy Myakishev / Alamy

The maximum penalty in the Sunshine State currently sits at AUD$42,000 (£22,653).

Furner revealed Queensland is looking at expanding the penalty to include jail time for irresponsible pet owners, as is the case in New South Wales and Victoria.

"Currently there is legislation in both NSW and Victoria that provides jail time for persons that have caused death as a result of their irresponsible behaviour with their dogs on a person," he said, as per the Daily Mail.

“There's an opportunity to address that, and now is the time to do that.”

The State Government will devise a discussion paper on the matter and will consult with communities to rejig the relevant legislation.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said harsher penalties for pet owners are clearly needed in the wake of several vicious dog attacks.

"Enough is enough. The onus is on dog owners. They have a duty of care," she told State Parliament on Wednesday.

"They must accept responsibility for their pets and their pets' behaviour. I have also been sickened by reports of smaller dogs being attacked and often killed by larger animals whilst out walking with their owners.

Jack Sullivan / Alamy

"We should all feel safe in our own yards or out on the streets. It is time to get tougher."

The canine clamp-down comes after a toddler suffered serious injuries to her head and neck after being attacked by a dog at her grandmother’s home in Yatala, 7News reports.

The three-year-old was rushed to Queensland Children’s Hospital on Wednesday afternoon and is understood to be in a stable yet serious condition.

Authorities seized four dogs from the property on the north Gold Coast, including a French Bull Mastiff and three German Shepherds.

The vicious mauling brings the vicious dog attack up to five in southeast Queensland during the last week.

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