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Mortified Woman Doesn't Recognise Dog After Trim Goes Awfully Wrong

Mortified Woman Doesn't Recognise Dog After Trim Goes Awfully Wrong

His owner 'couldn't sleep for a week' after the incident

A woman was unable to recognise her dog after a trip to the groomers for a trim went badly wrong. 

Sheila Kavanagh, 51, took her 10-month-old Japanese spitz Milo to the groomers earlier this month for a trim and tidy up costing £55 ($75). 

How Milo usually looks.

But Sheila says the pooch was unrecognizable by the time the groomer had finished, with his fluffy white coat shaved right down. 

Sheila, from Newbridge in Ireland, also claims Milo was left with clipper cuts on his stomach, meaning he required medication. 

Sheila's daughter Kayleigh Dooley, who works as a vet, explained: "Mum has been taking Milo to the doggy daycare on site since he was a puppy and she had built up a friendly relationship with the owner who recently opened the groomers.

“When she went to pick him up, the owner claimed Milo needed a welfare cut, which as a vet, I know they are not allowed to do without the owner's permission.

After his trip to the groomers.

"Milo came out and started jumping up at my mum but she didn't recognise him at first and thought he was a different dog!

"She couldn't believe it but she's not a reactive person so didn't say anything at the time and as soon as she got home, she rang me straight away and she didn't sleep for a whole week.


"I took him into my practice a few days later so the vet could check him over and he was put on medication as he was walking funny and seemed tender and sore.

"Double coated breeds can get clipper alopecia after being shaved like that so his fur won't grow back the same and he may suffer from alopecia in some areas.

"It's going to take a lot of work with conditioners and oil to give him his coat back and we're looking at at least a year's worth of work."


Sheila and Kayleigh claim to have been told that Milo needed a welfare cut due to a number of mats in his fur.

Kayleigh claims she set up a meeting with the owner and was able to get a refund for the service.

Kayleigh added: "We felt like the blame was shifted onto my mum but a welfare cut can not be performed without the owner's permission. 


"He was matted but not as matted as he made out he was.

"Mum had given him a bath a week prior and as he's a double-coated breed, she didn't realise how hard it would be to dry him so he had a couple of mats underneath.

"We bought Milo for mum to give her some companionship whilst she's off work and the plan was she could take up a new hobby and take him to shows but now, he can't be shown. 

"It took me a week to get a meeting with them and I managed to get the money back but nothing will make up for what they have done.

"The owner admitted the groomer was unqualified and was employed based on experience rather than official qualifications."

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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