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Don’t Pay UK shares footage of protestors storming Scottish Power building in stance against energy prices

Don’t Pay UK shares footage of protestors storming Scottish Power building in stance against energy prices

"It's an absolute daylight robbery"

Don't Pay UK has shared footage of the moment a group of activists stormed Scottish Power to protest rising energy prices in the country. Watch below:

Tens of thousands of Brits have already signed up to take part in Don't Pay, a planned boycott urging those who take part to cancel their direct debits for their electricity and gas bills in October if the prices aren't lowered by then.

In April, the energy price cap jumped from £1,277 to £1,971, and once again it is predicted to rise on 1 October.

New figures released this week predict that a 'typical household' will pay the equivalent of £3,582 per year on this date, with an increase to £4,266 per year from January for three months to March 2023. 

As well as urging people to sign up to their campaign, Don't Pay shared support for the Scottish Resistance protestors who took to Scottish Power headquarters in Glasgow last week to take a stance against the news.

Protestors described rising energy prices as 'daylight robbery'.

In the clip posted on Twitter, the activists enter the building with signs that read 'shocking energy bills rises, tax them at 50% now, they must be stopped' and 'Tories are lower than vermin'.

After demanding to meet with the company's chief executive, one of the group's members says: "Stop high energy prices. Taxes for the elite at 50%.

"People are going to die this winter. Electricity and gas prices are rising up to 150%. £4200 in January. It's an absolute daylight robbery.

"What we are saying is, to the government, lower the prices. Social tariffs for the poor and a standard tariff for everybody else."

Although the organisation had nothing to do with the protest, Don't Pay showed support by retweeting the clip, writing: "Protest at Scottish Power earlier, more of this is needed."

Speaking ahead of the protest, James Scott, founder of the Scottish Resistance who took part in the demonstration, told the Evening Glasgow Times: "This has got to the stage where things are really out of hand. 

"We have the lowest pension in Europe, yet we've got the highest energy bills and they're set to increase again in October and in January. It's shocking. 

"Some of our pensioners are not going to be able to afford these bills, they're going to have to choose between eating and heating their house and I think it's an absolute disgrace. 

"The time has come to step up. We've got to do what we can to help the pensioners and the vulnerable.

"This is the first of many protests. This is going to be an ongoing protest until we bring it to the attention of people that they've got to stand up for their rights."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@scotnational

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