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Drinkers Charged Up To £7 For Pint As Beer Prices Rise

Drinkers Charged Up To £7 For Pint As Beer Prices Rise

Some boozers across the UK are already getting charged more than £7 for a single pint your local pub might start charging a sobering £7 for a pint.

Bosses have blamed the cost of living being at all time highs for the rise in prices.

It's been the largest rise in inflation in 30 years while energy and transport costs are also on the up.

In terms of UK pubs, according to The Mirror, a pint of Amstel lager at Manchester airport was £7.

In South London, a pint of Neck Oil IPA at Borough Market’s Bunch of Grapes pub costs £6.65.


Emma McClarkin, of the British Beer and Pub Association, said: “Pubs are having to find ways to ensure their viability and keep their doors open, because the cost of doing business in 2022 is fundamentally different to 2019.”

Marston's Brewery, one of the UK's largest pub chains, is also increasing the price of some of its drinks by as much as 45p amid an increase in operating costs. 

There are more than 1,500 Marston's pubs around the UK with prices varying in different areas across the country, but customers across the board will feel the hit of the price increases when they come into place.


Products at the chain are set to increase in price by between 20p and 45p, meaning some pubgoers will have to fork out £4 per pint for the first time.

The current average cost of a pint is £3.96, with areas in the Midlands and North ranging between £3.83 and £3.91. 

Customers in Leeds currently have the best bargain with a pint coming in at £3.83, while it costs £3.86 in Coventry, £3.87 in Sheffield and £3.91 in Northampton. 


Unsurprisingly, drinkers in London have to fork over the most for their pint with the average price coming in at a whopping £6.

The drink costs £4.46 in Birmingham, £4.48 in Liverpool, £4.52 in Bristol and £5.10 in Edinburgh. 

Though the increase will no doubt be met with frustration from customers, a spokesperson for Marston's indicated it is unavoidable.


They told LADbible: "The currently inflationary pressures have been well documented by the media, the price increase is a direct impact of the soaring energy prices and operating costs as being experienced by all businesses and households across the country."

Draught ale has seen its biggest price jump since records began this year, according to the Office for National Statistics, with the average pint price costing six percent more compared to the pre-pandemic cost of £3.73.

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