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Drivers warned cars have secret button under mirror which could save lives

Drivers warned cars have secret button under mirror which could save lives

Many had no idea what the mystery button's function was

Drivers have been warned cars have a secret button under the rear view mirror which could potentially save lives.

One woman has proved that, once again, TikTok is the gift that keeps on giving after sharing a simple tutorial as how to find your car's rear view mirror tab and what on earth it actually does.

The vehicle hack in question seems to have totally divided the internet, with half not having a clue about the mystery button and the other half claiming to have known about it ever since they first got behind the wheel.

One woman discovered the button under her car's rear view mirror which could potentially save lives.

In the clip, the woman can be seen pressing down on a small button below the mirror.

The overlay text of the video read: "Me flipping the rear view mirror tab so the headlights don't blind me."

The feature in question has proven to be extremely useful when driving in the dark. This is because the rear view mirror adjusts to tilt upwards, whether manually with a tab in an older vehicle or with a modern power button in a newer one, in order to avoid headlight glare from other cars driving behind.

The short clip has since gone viral after clocking up over 2.1 million views on the platform, with hundreds of comments from fellow drivers eager to share their reactions to the tip.

Many were stunned to discover the secret button, with one admitting: "I didn’t know about this either until a few weeks ago and my life has been changed ever since."

People were left shocked by the discovery.

"Never knew that’s what that little tab thing is for," penned another,

A third, who had clearly stumbled upon a major revelation, added: "THAT'S WHAT THAT IS FOR!"

Others, however, seemed to already know about the little button and what it does.

"How did none of you know this?" asked one motorist.

A second echoed: "Y’all didn’t know? I suffer from sensitivity from lights."

"I've always done that," claimed a third. "How do people not know?"

A final TikTok user hit out: "How do y’all not know about this?"

It is important to note, however, that while the secret button could potentially save your life, it could also bring about a speedy end if you use it all the time.

This is because, on a particularly sunny day, the glare bouncing off the glass could actually put a driver behind the wheel at risk given that the reflected light could momentarily blind you, resulting in what could be a pretty serious car accident.

Equally, if a car travelling behind you has got their full beams on - it could make for quite the roadside distraction.

So, be sure to only use it in very specific circumstances and, as always, drive safe.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@everythingbrooklyn

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