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'Drunk' man jumps over crossing barrier seconds before train speeds past

'Drunk' man jumps over crossing barrier seconds before train speeds past

He can been stumbling across the tracks as a freight train blasts its horn before narrowly missing him

Shocking CCTV footage shows a man clambering over a barrier and stumbling across railway tracks - just seconds before a freight train comes hurtling past. Here's the heart-stopping moment:

Anyone who enjoys a drink will be able to tell you that the temptation to be lazy or foolish grows with each tipple, but there are certain lines you must not cross - sometimes literally.

Footage released by Network Rail shows a seemingly intoxicated man decide to take a 'shortcut' in Lincoln city centre, ignoring flashing lights, wriggling his way over a barrier and stumbling across live tracks.

As he sauntered across the live tracks on Lincoln High Street, a freight train came hurtling towards him at roughly 100mph, blaring its horn in a bid to alert him from the certain death that was just seconds away.

The shocking video has been released as a lesson in rail safety to the latest cohort of uni students in the city.

CCTV caught the young man clambering over the barrier and walking across the tracks.

Elisha Allen, community safety manager for Network Rail, said: "This behaviour is incredibly dangerous and deeply concerning.

"The individual involved recklessly risked their life to stumble just a few metres further forward.

"The level crossing on Lincoln High Street is a busy and active route across the railway, and it can present a real danger if not used correctly.

"People need to be well aware of the dangers, pay attention to the unmissable alarms, and remain incredibly vigilant when crossing the tracks, particularly while under the influence."

British Transport Police (BTP), Network Rail and East Midlands Railway (EMR) have now joined together to issue guidance to students on staying safe on a night out.

BTP Chief Inspector, Ricky Sweeney, added: "The railway is no place to take a shortcut.

"Getting somewhere a little quicker is not worth the risk, and we have seen first-hand that this can lead to tragic consequences or life-changing injuries – both outcomes are avoidable.

"There is simply no excuse for not following the safety procedures at level crossings.

"Trains travel at speeds of up to 125mph, sitting wider than the tracks they run on and often quieter than expected."

The train missed him by mere seconds.

Lucy Gallacher, emergency planning manager at East Midlands Railway, said: "This footage is deeply worrying.

"The person involved shows a reckless disregard for their own lives, as well as the safety of train passengers and railway staff.

"Ignoring warning signs and instructions at level crossing can have devastating repercussions, especially while under the influence, and we hope this footage provides an important reminder that people should always follow the rules and remain alert while crossing the tracks."

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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