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EastEnders Actor Has Driving Ban Cut After Claiming He's Too Famous To Catch Bus

EastEnders Actor Has Driving Ban Cut After Claiming He's Too Famous To Catch Bus

EastEnders actor Jamie Borthwick's driving ban has been reduced after his lawyer argued he'd be recognised on public transport

EastEnders actor Jamie Borthwick has had his driving ban cut due to concerns he'd be 'recognised on public transport' as he's 'too famous',

Earlier this year, Borthwick was handed a driving ban of six months after being caught doing 52mph in a 30mph zone in Romford.

The actor, who has played Jay Brown in the popular BBC soap for 15 years, admitted his offence and received six points on his driving licence, along with a fine of £660 as punishment on 31 January.

Since he already had six points on his licence, this caused him to be hit with a six month driving ban, the standard punishment for anyone who racks up 12 points on their licence within three years.

For most people, that would mean no more getting behind the wheel of a car until August, but not for the EastEnders actor.


In an appeal against the punishment, Borthwick's lawyer successfully got the driving ban cut down from six months to just two, LBC reports.

Part of the reason behind this cut in the ban is because the actor has successfully claimed he's 'too famous' not to be recognised on public transport and 'not all of those encounters have been favourable'.

Alex Owen, representing the EastEnders star, said his client was 'paying for himself to arrange transport to and from work at a considerable cost to himself' in order to avoid any bad encounters with the public on buses or trains.

Owen also argued that Borthwick's great uncle and his wife are the closest thing the actor has to grandparents and their ill health means they need Borthwick to drive them around.

Owen said: "His uncle’s wife has around four hospital appointments a week mostly in London - too far for them to travel.

"He is driving to appointments and has been told by his doctor he should not be driving. His family and two sisters are all working full time or in education."


"They have been managing for the past month with the great uncle’s driving getting worse.

"In those circumstances because of his flexible working hours he’s the best person and available person to take them to appointments."

Further arguments from Owen that the speed limit on the road was not signposted and that had Borthwick being going just 2mph slower, he would have received five points on his licence and no ban at all were also made.

In light of the appeal, Mr Recorder Richard Thomas and Justice Olive Murray decided to repeal Borthwick's six month driving ban and replace it with a ban of 56 days.

They also told the actor to 'stop speeding' in the future.

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