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Eight-Year-Old Girl's Bedroom In Glasgow Named Britain's Messiest

Eight-Year-Old Girl's Bedroom In Glasgow Named Britain's Messiest

Emily from Glasgow has such a messy bedroom she's won a prize for it

The bedroom of an eight-year-old girl from Glasgow has been named as the most messy bedroom in Britain.

Parents from around the UK shared pictures of the chaos that has enveloped their children's rooms, and you can imagine the sort of things they’ve shown.

Toys everywhere, no visible floor or carpet, and beds left completely unmade.

Of course, children don’t care about that sort of thing, but eventually – after wading through the morass of more than 100 filthy bedrooms, young Emily from Glasgow was adjudged the messiest child of 2021.

It’s not a bad crown to get, too.

Emily's winning room.
Happy Beds

She’ll receive a new children’s bed worth over £400 from Happy Beds, which isn’t a bad reward for her expertise in mess-creation.

Emily’s dad Steve says he is glad he can finally have his living room back after the competition, because the mess in her room was forcing her to spend most of her time outside of it.

He said: “My daughter Emily unfortunately treats her room like more of a changing room and spends almost all her time in the family room instead (aren’t we lucky).

"Anytime tidying is enforced it takes no more than a week to revert back to looking like a bomb zone. I’m hoping a new bed inspires positive change and behaviour.”

Emily was up against some fairly stiff competition, including this entry from six-year-old Emma in Poole.

Emma's bedroom ain't much better.
Happy Beds

It was simply captioned: “HELP!”

Some of the other entries are definitely worthy of a mention, too.

One seems to have enough Lego and toy bricks on the floor to make it an absolutely ruthless crossing for anyone not wearing shoes.

Others have taken to using their top bunks as storage for all manner of crap, as well as covering their entire sleeping area in cuddly toys.

All in all, these children could use spending an afternoon getting stuck into it, although anyone with kids will tell you that the cleanliness never lasts.

All of the entries could have deservedly won.
Happy Beds

Lucy Bolland, the Marketing Manager at Happy Beds, said: “We all know that getting children to tidy their rooms can be a difficult task and we feel for these parents!

“It's important to have a tidy room to help you feel peaceful and sleep well.

“We hope Emily loves her new bed and that this is an incentive to keep her room tidier in future.”

We’ll have to see about that last bit, but we can but hope.

Featured Image Credit: Happy Beds

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