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People left 'speechless' by 13-year-old girl's Christmas list this year

People left 'speechless' by 13-year-old girl's Christmas list this year

The teen wants a whole load of Apple products as well as a bodyboard and Nike Dunks

If I think back to school, making a Christmas list would consist of me circling a handful of things in the Argos catalogue - an underrated activity.

There’d probably be a couple of toys, maybe a game for the Wii or a voucher to spend on iTunes. Those were the days.

But - and sorry to sound like that person - times have changed. Things are different for ‘the kids’ nowadays.

And this 13-year-old girl’s Christmas list has left people speechless.

A woman took to X to share her niece’s handwritten list of presents - with ‘money’ neatly written down twice.

Overall, there were 43 items listed from luxury beauty products to designer clothing and from high-end tech to a ‘lanyard’. Hey, the girl’s got taste.

The young teen titled it ‘My 2023-2024 Xmas wish list’ starting off with ‘Dior lip oil’ which sells for about £32.

Well, got to start how you mean to go on, I guess.

The list...

Other items on the list included ‘tooth gems’, a ‘bodyboard’ and an ‘Amazon gift card’.

The hopeful teen is trading our old iTunes and App Store vouchers for very different Apple products in the form of an Apple Watch, a MacBook Pro, a ‘new iPad’ and AirPods. So that’s at least a grand blown on that.

She’s also asked for various Nike clothes and a pair of ‘pink Nike dunks’ as well as the more humble ‘cute candles’ and ‘LED lights’.

This 13-year-old also wants ‘Gucci perfume’, ‘rings’ and a ‘silk pillowcase’.

But I guess not everything’s changed from when we were teens as she’s also asking for ‘Nirvana clothes’ and ‘Uggs (low)' - of course.

One user joked on X: “Wish list bc she gonna keep on wishing Imao. You getting a Barbie doll and crackle nail polish."

Let's hope Santa's bank account is ready.
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Whereas another slammed: “My mum would've whooped my a** for asking for even one of these things.”

Someone else theorised: “This entire list is due to TikTok."

As one called the young teen ‘greedy’, another said they were ‘speechless’.

And one user wrote: “This is so depressing... What business does a CHILD have needing a whole skincare routine and makeup... and Skims? Acrylics??? Let these girls be kids man omfg!”

Though others defended the teen, as one put: “People expecting a 13-year-old to have toys on this list are delusional.

"I grew out of toys when I was 11. Does this list mean she's gonna get everything she wants? Absolutely not but people need to realise that 13-year-olds are gonna have evolving tastes."

To be honest, I’d love a new toy for Christmas. Whatever kind.

Featured Image Credit: Getty Stock Photo/ X / @ambersinsane

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