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Inside strange building dubbed 'world's loneliest house' on remote island

Inside strange building dubbed 'world's loneliest house' on remote island

The mysterious dwelling has garnered some pretty outlandish theories

The 'world's loneliest house' based on a completely remote island has attracted some pretty strange theories.

On a hillside literally slap-bang in the middle of nowhere, there sits a tiny little dwelling surrounded by water and a whole lot of mystery.

The lodging on the Icelandic island has long since been the centre of a bunch of conspiracies, as people desperately trying to make sense of its existence.

The 'world's loneliest house' has attracted a load of wild theories.
YouTube/Ryan Trahan

The house is situated on the island of Elliðaey, to the south of Iceland.

Dubbed by the internet as the 'world's loneliest house' - there's some pretty wacky rumours about this place, with one theory claiming that it was built by an eccentric billionaire who planned to retreat to the island in the possible event of a zombie apocalypse or nuclear war.

It would definitely make a good spot to wait for any unspecified apocalyptic event to blow over, that's for sure.

Others have suggested that the house belonged to fanatically religious hermit who had sworn to a life of solitude and contemplation.

There was even one wild idea that, at some point, Icelandic music icon, Bjork, owned the house and was even in negotiations with the government to purchase the whole island.

And sceptics have also weighed in on the matter too, with some convinced that the house itself was a total mirage and had simply been photoshopped.

Sadly, the reality behind the 'world's loneliest house' is far less exciting.

Some people believed the house was built by a billionaire to survive a zombie apocalypse.
YouTube/Ryan Trahan

The house is actually a lodge set up by a club for puffin hunters, and those who did end up living on the island survived on the birds, as well as through fishing and raising cows.

What a diet.

The full-time dwellers finally left the area way back in the 1930s, and no-one has really been there since.

The house itself was built in 1953 by the Elliðaey Hunting Association, which served as a base for their puffin hunting operations.

The house is actually a lodge set up by puffin hunters.
YouTube/Ryan Trahan

While you can't deny the surreal vistas and picturesque surroundings - visitors would definitely struggle trying to get internet reception or even have the creature comforts we take for granted, such as running water or electricity.

So, what does it have?

Well, one vlogger took to YouTube to share with the world exactly what was inside the mysterious house.

In 2021, YouTuber Ryan Trahan embarked on the gnarly pilgrimage across the choppy waters, up the steep cliffs and across the rolling hills before rocking up at the peculiar pad.

The house boasts a fully-functioning kitchen, bathroom and even has a grill out back.
YouTube/Ryan Trahan

In the video, Ryan found a log book of all the people who had visited the house - making him the 11,265th person to ever set foot in it.

Complete with a barbecue grill, which Ryan and his two guides grilled some juicy steaks on, the house has a cosy wooden interior and is fitted with a dining room set, sofa and a whole bunch of framed artwork and photos.

One of the guides told Ryan: "Everything that's here was carried up by hand.

"Every nail, every wood, every stick - everything was carried up."

Fitted with a first floor bedroom with a bunch of single beds, a fully-functioning bathroom, a quaint little kitchen and one hell of a view - it's clear this house is definitely the place to be if you're after some time away from all the buzz.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Ryan Trahan

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