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Emily Atack Sees '10 Penises I've Asked Not To See' Before Breakfast

Emily Atack Sees '10 Penises I've Asked Not To See' Before Breakfast

The actor opened up about the explicit messages she receives from men online

Emily Atack says she sees '10 d**k pics she doesn't want to see before breakfast'.

The former Inbetweeners star has spoken out about the explicit and abusive messages she receives from complete strangers on a daily basis.

Emily explained that it is an incredibly isolating experience and that it has made her question herself in the past.

Speaking on the Plot Twist podcast, the 32-year-old said: "Before breakfast, I’ve seen about 10 penises I have not asked to see. It’s not normal, is it?

"People don’t realise the harm and the triggering it can spark — where else you take it in your mind."

She went on: "If someone sends me a sexually explicit message, I’m like, 'Why have they said that to me?' It makes you question everything you are and why you’re single – and suddenly, you drive yourself crazy.

"It’s not just about seeing the message and going, 'Ugh, I don’t want to see your hairy ball sack, thanks'."

Emily Atack says she regularly receives d**k pics from men.

She then added: "If it was just that, I would get over it really quickly as I have seen loads of horrible hairy ball sacks in my life."

This isn't the first time the actor has spoken out about these kinds of messages before.

Last year, she opened up to UNILAD about some of the terrifying encounters she has had with men both online and in person in the past.

When asked how many sexual messages she has had sent to her, Emily said: "I receive, on a daily basis... oh, I mean, it's hundreds, hundreds. I receive hundreds of messages."

She then read out just a couple of the graphic messages she has been sent by complete strangers.

"I've never said these out loud, it's quite daunting sort of saying them on camera," Emily said.

She then read out: "'Let daddy make you c*m like the filthy s**t you are, let me impregnate you, you filthy c*m w***e. I know that you're a filthy c*m s**t, I know what you like'.

"Oh, this is an interesting one. 'I'm a dad of four kids, why don't you be naughty with me like you always are with everyone else and let this bad daddy s***k all over your face?'"

She went on: "And when I get these messages, I do always look on their profile to see what - I'm intrigued to see what sort of person they would be, what life they have.

"Sometimes it's completely anonymous, no photo, and they've obviously just created an account to just say all these awful things to God knows how many poor women.

"It goes from teenage boys, to middle-aged men, to really old men, old, single men that are probably desperately lonely, and older men, who are married with children, and they have daughters in their profile pictures."

Emily added that the torrent of sexualised messages and harassment she regularly receives has left her feeling scared.

"The horrible thing about it is that nobody is around to say to the person, 'Oi! Don't f***ing do that, that's horrific,'" she said.

"It's just, they're allowed to just do it and I'm subjected to it, on my own, in my home. I don't have a partner, I'm by myself, and it does make me feel scared to live on my own."

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