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Jimmy Saville Asked If 'He's Sexually Attracted To Girls Under 16' In Chilling Recording

Jimmy Saville Asked If 'He's Sexually Attracted To Girls Under 16' In Chilling Recording

The recording has now been unearthed in Netflix's latest documentary which seeks to uncover the truth behind Savile's sexual abuse

A terrifying recording of Jimmy Savile has been unearthed in which he furiously denies being ‘sexually attracted to girls under 16’. 

Today (6 April), Netflix released its two-part film, Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story, which seeks to explore how the British entertainer maintained his regime of abuse for so long, all while remaining in the public eye.

Savile has come to be known as one of Britain’s most prolific sex offenders, yet his crimes were only investigated after his death in 2011. 

Now, Netflix’s documentary is giving viewers an insight into his public image versus the sinister events that went on behind closed doors. 

Prior to his death, Savile was interrogated by police regarding several allegations made against him throughout his time as a TV personality. 


During the recording, which has been broadcast in the documentary, he furiously denies the claims, describing them as ‘impossible and untrue’, the Mirror reports.

Addressing the Surrey Police detective constable who is interviewing him, Savile rages: "I'm proud that, in 83 years, I have never ever done anything wrong." 

She asks: "Are you sexually attracted to girls under 16?" 

He responds in fury: "Impossible and untrue!" 

The DC questions: "Have you ever sexually assaulted any girl under the age of 16?" 

Savile rages: "Never! Never! Out of the question. Never happened. This is starting to sound like the Mad Hatter's tea party, this." 

The documentary also includes old clips of Savile speaking to reporter Phil Tibenham, which seem to allude to his sexual abuse. 


Tibenham says: "You're always doing something physical like cycling or wrestling or something. Are you in some way trying to punish yourself?"

"Oh, no, not at all," Savile replies. "The only time you punish yourself is when you are with young ladies. Then you punish yourself because you're such a villain. You should be kind to them and you're not kind to them. And you squeeze them and make 'em go 'ouch' and things like that." 

After his death, around 500 victims who faced sexual abuse at the hands of Savile were unearthed. 

However, many allegations were made against him when he was alive, but accusers were either ignored or disbelieved. 

Now, Netflix’s documentary, directed by Rowan Deacon, seeks to uncover the truth behind Britain’s most prolific paedophile. 

It uses ‘extensive archive footage’ to explore Savile’s twisted relationship with the public, and how his crimes were able to go undetected for so long. 

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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