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Emily Ratajkowski reveals we’ve been saying her name wrong this whole time

Emily Ratajkowski reveals we’ve been saying her name wrong this whole time

The model, who has Polish heritage, gave a rundown on how to properly pronounce her name.

Emily Ratajkowski has had enough of people pronouncing her name incorrectly.

No, not Emily. Ratajkowski, ya big silly.

American luxury brand Tory Burch hit up New York Fashion Week to take TikTok fans behind the scenes to check out all the action.

Here's where their vox popper found Ratajkowski, who asked the question that literally anyone who has read her name before has wondered: how the hell do you actually say it?

It was almost like the 31-year-old model and mum-of-one had been waiting for someone to finally ask her, because she jumped at the chance to school us all a bit.

She turned, smiled slyly, and said :"Rat-ah-KOV-ska."

The interviewer, clearly stunned by everyone's years of incorrect pronunciation, turned to the camera in disbelief.

"Oh my God," she said, mouth agape.

Ratajkowski then clarified, as if expecting the interviewer's surprise to turn into push-back. "I'm Polish. That's the pronunciation."

The model added in a comment with a bunch of emojis that the American way to say her name is rata-cow-ski.

But, if you want to be correct and say it with her Polish heritage in mind, it's kov-ska at the end, not cow-ski.

We've been learning so much about Emily Ratajkowski lately.

On Valentine's Day, the model shared a rather risqué snap, exposing her bum and new beau to the world, comedian Eric André.

In the saucy snap shared by the 39-year--old funnyman, a velvet sofa wearing nothing but his birthday suit and a heart-shaped emoji to cover his meat and two veg.


Look a little closer and you'll see a similarly starkers Ratajkowski in the mirror reflection behind him.

Alongside the celebrity couple, there are a number of explicit Easter eggs, including a crusty rolled up sock on the floor and their clothes strewn about the place.

Fans definitely had thoughts about this one.

One social media user, who was clearly shocked by the revelation, wrote: "We live in a simulation."

André's fans were divided, with one person commenting: "I'm so jealous of her."

On the flip side, another wrote: "I love you bro but I’m unfollowing you."

The same went for the wider online community instead of just André and Ratajkowski stans.

One person said: "Love this for them."

A second replied: "I threw up in my mouth."

Seems like you can't please everyone these days.

But, if you want to keep one person's good side - Emily Ratajkowski, to be specific - at least now we know how to pronounce her name correctly.

Featured Image Credit: Troy Burch/TikTok. Andrea Raffin / Alamy.

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