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Lindsay Lohan Blows Fan’s Minds By Revealing We’ve Been Saying Her Name Wrong All This Time

Lindsay Lohan Blows Fan’s Minds By Revealing We’ve Been Saying Her Name Wrong All This Time

Fans were left confused and shocked

Lindsay Lohan has confused, frustrated, and p****d people off after joining TikTok and revealing how she actually says her name. Watch her debut video here:

The actress, 35, posted the introductory video on 8 February and managed to kick up a controversy with only a few sentences of commentary.

She said: "Hey everyone. It’s Lindsay Lohan, and guess what? Now I’m on TikTok."


Lohan pronounces her name in the video as 'Low-an' instead of 'Low-Han' - the pronunciation most appear to have assumed.

And with a single word the star of 1998's The Parent Trap has caused a serious mix of confusion among her fan and follower community.

One commented: "Lindsay… lowen?"

Another wrote: "Wait. Lindsay “LOWEN”?!? I’ve been saying it wrong my whole life?!?"

Others dismissed Lohan's pronunciation altogether, with one claiming she had pronounced it wrong.

But it appears Lohan is only joining a long line of celebrities whose names cause pronunciation dilemmas for their fans.

One wrote: "I can’t with this anymore… first Ariana Grande, then Taylor Lautner, now you.

"Have I said any words right in my life??????"


Another commented: "Lowen? Loutner? Grandee? Okey they gotta be messing with us at this point."

Lohan has posted three more videos on TikTok since the fuss of the first introductory video.

Two were ads, but her most recent publication saw the actress lip-syncing a classic line from The Parent Trap (does this even count as a lip-sync?!)

The line was spoken by the British twin Annie mocking her Californian twin Hallie, both played by Lohan.

She said: "Yes, you want to know the difference between us? I have class and you don’t."


The film was Lindsay’s first acting role and told the tale of identical twins separated at birth.

One was brought up by the mother in Britain, while the other living with her father in California after their parents split up.

When the duo meet each other at a summer camp by coincidence, they come up with a plan to switch places and revive their parents' relationship.

Several big brands like Duolingo and TikTok itself couldn't help but enter the conversation by commenting with famous lines from the film.

Someone else wrote: "WELCOME HOME QUEEN."

Featured Image Credit: Credit: TikTok

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