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Anonymous envelopes filled with cash are being posted through doors in time for Christmas

Anonymous envelopes filled with cash are being posted through doors in time for Christmas

Some lucky households have been the recipients of a 'random act of kindness'

Just before Christmas Day a few lucky households were visited by an anonymous benefactor who had chosen them to receive a special gift.

Several people living in Clifton, Nottinghamshire, checked their post on 23 December to discover that among their mail was an envelope signed 'random act of kindness', and inside there was £100 in cash.

There were no instructions on how to spend it and no other message or reason why that household had been selected, but the money will be an amazing boost to people on the receiving end of this random act of kindness.

This amazing gesture started a couple of years ago and it looks like it's quickly become a Christmas tradition for a few lucky households in Clifton to get a surprise gift right before the big day.

Some mystery merry-maker is going around posting envelopes filled with £100 in a 'random act of kindness'.
Nottinghamshire Live/BPM Media

Gestures like this prove Christmas really is the season of goodwill, and lucky recipient Sarah Lynne told Nottinghamshire Live she was 'overwhelmed' by the kind act from a 'hidden hero'.

She said: "It was my son that first discovered the envelope, he came running to me at first shouting 'is it from Santa'. He handed me the envelope and I was overwhelmed to be honest.

"Things like this never really happen for me. I've seen people post it over the years and have always thought it was such a lovely gesture, especially this year it will really help.

"Whoever it is that does it is a hidden hero and has the kindest of hearts. With everything happening in the world right now, it's just nice to know there are still good people, it's really heart warming."

She went on to say that she'd be spending some of the money on a treat for her sons, while the rest of it would be split between keeping on top of her energy bills and passing on the kindness with a donation to the local food bank.

People in Clifton receive the mystery envelopes filled with cash each Christmas.
Nottinghamshire Live/BPM Media

Another fortunate recipient of the 'random act of kindness' were fellow Clifton residents Peter Dennis and his wife Lindsay.

Peter explained that his wife was 'very emotional' when she found the envelope filled with cash, and just before the delivery had spotted an unfamiliar car parked outside.

She saw that 'a girl walked to the door and posted the envelope', but by the time she could get to the door the girl had returned to the mysterious car and driven away.

They said they'd be using the cash gift to top up their gas meter while also treating their son to a birthday meal.

Peter's aunt had been a previous recipient of the anonymous envelope but they 'never expected this to happen to us' and said whoever was going around performing these random acts of kindness were 'angels'.

Wherever this mystery gift-giver may be, we salute you and it's clear your acts of kindness have brought some brilliant joy into people's lives this Christmas.

Featured Image Credit: Nottinghamshire Live/BPM Media

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