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Eurovision fever hit Liverpool in most peculiar way as Co-op hired a DJ

Eurovision fever hit Liverpool in most peculiar way as Co-op hired a DJ

People have been left in stitches after seeing a DJ blasting tunes at the Liverpool Co-op amidst Eurovision celebrations

Eurovision fever hit Liverpool in the most peculiar way after Co-op hired a DJ to perform a set in store.

While most of us would associate the Co-op as the local neighbourhood supermarket home to decent wine deals and a hefty reduced section - it seems that one of the branches had something a little alternative in mind when it came to celebrating this year's Eurovision Song Contest.

The Lark Lane store in Liverpool decided to crank it up a notch, or two, and hired a disc jockey to spin the decks slap-bang in the middle of the shop.

Eurovision fever hit Liverpool in the most peculiar way after Co-op hired a DJ to perform a set in store.

Footage from the bizarre ordeal was uploaded to Twitter yesterday (13 May) and has since gone viral after clocking up over 1.2 million views and counting.

The Twitter user captioned the short clip showing the DJ blasting tracks next to cashiers as customers browsed for groceries: "Eurovision has sent this city round the bend. Why is there a DJ at the Co-Op on Lark Lane lol?"

With over 10k likes and hundreds upon hundreds of comments - it's clear people couldn't wait to share their reactions to the unexpected crossover of two worlds.

"This is the funniest thing I've ever seen," wrote one Twitter user.

A second posted: "Imagine walking in for a loaf of bread and coming across this!"

It would be a double-take situation that's for sure.

A third joked: "Nip in for a loaf of bread, turn up back at home on Monday morning."

"This is the funniest thing I've ever seen."

"Sorry but this bangs?" admitted another.

A fifth added: "Not bad while your grabbing your milk and bread."

Not bad at all.

Others seemed to love the convenience store's latest addition so much that they even called for a nationwide initiative to have DJs spin at all supermarkets.

One wrote: "Surely the real question is, why don’t all supermarkets have live DJs playing on Saturday nights?"

"Why ISN'T there a DJ in EVERY Co-op!" asked another while a third echoed: "There should be a DJ in the Co-op every night."

Not too sure how I'd feel about hearing some heavy drum and bass blasting on a Tuesday evening but hey ho.

"Why ISN'T there a DJ in EVERY Co-op!"

Another quipped: "Imagine her trying to get a big gig and them asking where have you played? Uh I recently did Co-Op."

It's definitely a unique experience to add to the CV that's for sure.

Some Twitter users had their own theories as to why Co-op hired the DJ in the first place with one claiming: "It is so when you buy a co-op own pizza for £7 you come out thinking, well at least they had good music."

A second chimed in with: "To dull the pain of paying £3 for jar of pasta bake sauce?"


A final Twitter user, however, begged to differ and summed the whole thing up in just four words writing: "Unbeatable value, unparalleled vibes."

A spokesperson from Co-op told LADbible: "Our customers and colleagues enjoyed pre Eurovision party vibes in Liverpool’s Lark Lane Co-op yesterday afternoon, with a DJ -playing Eurovision and pop classics besides the checkout, bringing a smile to the whole community, as we joined in with the amazing Eurovision celebrations taking place in the city this weekend."

They sure did.

Featured Image Credit: @bluenilehatsfan/@codechimp1/Twitter

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