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Explore and experiment with ways to enhance your mental wellbeing

Explore and experiment with ways to enhance your mental wellbeing

Ways to elevate your mental health

With the festive season behind us and the year well underway, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind, which can lead to a slump that you can’t quite find the source of. Whether it’s burnout, overstimulation — or understimulation, there are little things you can do or integrate into your routine to shake things up, pull you back into the present and help you feel better — even if it’s just a little.

And if, like me, you’re not sure where to start, Think Mental Health has put together a list of activities to spark some inspiration. To work on prioritising my wellbeing, I decided to give a few of them a red-hot crack.

Try a dance class

I don’t know about you, but I have two left feet when it comes to dancing. And when it comes to exercise, I prefer a nice, long stroll alone with my favourite playlist.

In an effort to expand my horizons, I signed up for an early morning Zumba class. I’m not sure who I was when I made that decision — one that had me waking up two hours earlier than normal, but apparently I was eager to get started on my wellness journey.

I have to admit, forcing myself out of bed at the crack of dawn had me a little grumpy — until I got my body moving, at which point I found it surprisingly refreshing.

Overall, it was actually a lot of fun. I would recommend bringing a friend for support if you’re feeling nervous, but moving my body and stepping outside my comfort zone was, unexpectedly, a great way to spend an hour. I’ll definitely be back.

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Getty Images

Plan a board game night

At first, it was a little difficult to convince my mates to put their phones away and immerse themselves in a good old-fashioned games night. But with the promise of snacks and immaculate vibes, they were (reluctantly) in.

I dusted off my old board games and we were completely transported. Something about the lack of tech — and the absolute need to stay focused and present helped us connect (and discover a few hidden competitive streaks).

Plus, it’s a pretty cost-effective way to spend an evening.

Try a new recipe

Sometimes we’re so focused on digging into a delicious meal that we forget the fun in putting it together. Now, that’s a great metaphor for life — but even more real when it comes to cooking.

You could pick a dish you love but have never thought about recreating at home. Or you can finally make the delicious-looking recipe you’d forgotten you’d saved to your phone last year. Either way — when you’re doing this, I highly advise you keep the stakes as low as possible. Which I didn’t do.

I thought a dinner party would be the best time for me to try this one — and for some reason I (incorrectly) assumed spanakopita would be pretty simple to make.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the recipe and the fact that my friends were raving about it, but by attempting to greet and entertain, while trying to create this dish — I was wearing too many hats.

In the end, the spanakopita was a hit and had me feeling very accomplished. But next time I will allow myself more time to enjoy the process of putting it together when the stakes aren’t so high.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Explore a de-stress activity before bed

I’ve heard that screen time late at night can interrupt your natural sleep cycle, affecting your overall mental wellbeing. So, I decided to ditch the phone to avoid scrolling on TikTok and opted to read a book instead. Who is she?

While I found reading a book was a relaxing way to end what had been a busy day, I did find myself losing track of time and staying up later than I should have on a work night (whoops). Nonetheless, I personally found this was a great way to unwind before bed.

So there you have it. My review on just some of the activities you can try to help you feel okay day-to-day.

Just remember we are all different, and the things that work for others may be different to what works for you. You can find the entire list of activities here.

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