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Family shocked as one of the world’s most dangerous snakes slithers out from underneath Christmas tree

Family shocked as one of the world’s most dangerous snakes slithers out from underneath Christmas tree

The South African family found a Black Mamba living under their tree

A family from South Africa were left shocked as one of the world's most dangerous snakes slithered out from underneath their Christmas tree.

Ideally, you want presents to be sitting underneath your Christmas tree, so there is no surprise a family had the shock of its live after discovering a snake under there.

Nick Evans, who was called in to remove the snake, took to Facebook to share with his friends his discovery, saying that the deadly snake had curled up to hide behind a speaker at the tree's base.

The six-and-a-half foot snake was a Black Mamba, which is one of the most dangerous snakes on the planet.

It can be deadly, as just one bite releases a rapid neurotoxin that can kill a human in just 20 minutes by shutting down their nervous system.

The family spotted the snake under the Christmas tree.

In the Facebook post, Evans wrote: "Santa left me an early Christmas present, although not at my house, no, under someone else's Christmas tree in Queensburgh.

"I do wish it waited for me on the tree. That would have made for some cool photos!"

Black Mumbas are native to Africa and are usually found in rockier areas or open woodlands.

However, they will sometimes venture into residential areas in search of pray such as rats.

In the social media post, Evans spoke on how he captured the snake from the family's house.

He said: "The snake was outside when it was disturbed by the gardener. It then moved away from him, out of fear, saw the open door, and ducked inside.

"From there, it went up the Christmas tree and onto a small shelf above it.

"Then, while I was on my way, it slithered back down the tree, and hid at the bottom, behind a speaker."

The snake rescuer continued: "I picked it up from where it was hiding, with the tongs, lifted it over the wires and things that could get knocked over, put it on the lounge floor and pinned it down.

The Black Mamba is one of the world's most dangerous snakes.
Matthijs Kuijpers / Alamy Stock Photo

"It's about 2, 2.1m, with a bit of the tail missing as well. Quite a relaxed specimen, despite its ordeal."

To conclude the post, Evans said it was one of the more amusing places he has found a snake, though people in the comments did not see the funny side to it.

One person said: "Thank u Nick Evans for scaring the bejeezles out of me. I was literally putting up my tree and had to read this."

A second wrote: "Christmas would be cancelled after this."

And a third said: "Not what anyone wants in their Christmas tree."

Featured Image Credit: NickEvans/Facebook

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