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Festivalgoers chant ‘w***er’ and throw beers at guy who delayed Calvin Harris by climbing up scaffolding

Festivalgoers chant ‘w***er’ and throw beers at guy who delayed Calvin Harris by climbing up scaffolding

"Way to become the most hated person at Creamfields"

Calvin Harris made his return to Creamfields for the first time in three years, but it was a rogue crowd member who accidentally stole the show (and not in a good way). Check it out:

As is shown in the footage, an audience member decided to climb the scaffolding tower at the music festival in Daresbury last night (27 August) to get a better view of the set.

Obviously this breaks all kinds of health and safety rules, and so the singer had to stop mid-song to ask the man to get back down.

Although the daredevil happily obliged and Calvin was heard saying 'good lad' as he made his way down the tower, the crowd weren't so forgiving.

People were shown throwing bottles at him while others chanted 'w**ker' over and over again amidst relentless booing.

Several people filmed the incident, as evidenced by the number of videos that have emerged on TikTok since the gig.

One is from Jord (@jordb13), who shared the clip alongside the caption: "When this idiot stops Calvin Harris set at Creamfields North!"

People were throwing bottles at the festivalgoer.

Another named Alastair Bryden (@alastairbryden01) simply said: "Shutting down Calvin Harris at Creamfields."

It didn't take long for the TikTok community to share their thoughts on the guy's antics, with one writing: "That didn’t go the way he planned." 

"Don’t think that was the limelight he was hoping for," said another, while a third added: "Way to become the most hated person at Creamfields."

But there were plenty of commenters who were sympathetic towards the man, suggesting he probably only went up there in the first place after encouragement from the crowd.

"You really think they'd get far up there if they weren't encouraged," said one, with another writing: "People definitely encouraged him to get up there in the first place."

And you can bet a fair few people referenced Netflix's recent Trainwreck: Woodstock '99 documentary, which centred on the four-day festival's descent into chaos.

The series demonstrated how the peaceful picture painted by the original 1969 Woodstock became a distant memory as the mood was replaced by a heady mix of violence, misogyny and arson.

And then there was the 'tinted' water supply, which ended up being contaminated by faecal matter.

Thankfully Creamfields was a much safer affair, although that didn't stop people comparing the moment to the docu-series.

As said by one: "Tell me you watched Woodstock, without actually telling me you watched Woodstock."

Another chimed in: "And this is how artists should have responded to the chaos at Woodstock."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@livmozzdog/@jordb13

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