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Channel 4 Is Looking For Badly Behaved Pets For A New TV Show

Channel 4 Is Looking For Badly Behaved Pets For A New TV Show

If you've got a dog that won't stop barking in the middle of the night to the tune of the French national anthem, or a cat that won't stop going to the toilet in your plants, but will only go whenever you go, we could be about to offer you just the help you need.

Channel 4 are currently in the market for a whole series' worth of pets for their show all about badly behaved animals. They've stuck out an advert looking for all manner of misbehaving mammals, birds, and reptiles.


Whether it's a cat, dog, parrot, hamster, pig, lizard - you name it really - if it's got a bad habit or a weird trick, the shows producers are looking for you.

You might even get the answer to why your pets are behaving like they do. There'll be a team of qualified vets and animal behaviourists on hand, but I suspect mostly they're in it to turn the weird stuff that your pets do into primetime telly.


Davinia, a producer for the show, said: "We're producing a brand-new teatime series about pets.

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"We are looking for owners of pets who want answers about their animals' medical and behavioural issues. We have a team of qualified vets and behaviourists who are here to help owners gets answers and remedies to their questions."

She added: "We are looking for a variety of pets - from dogs, cats, reptiles and birds, to alpacas, hedgehogs, ferrets and guinea pigs."

It doesn't end there, either. If you've got a neighbour who has an annoying pet then you can dob them in as well.

That means you can grass up that guy on your street who has got five husky pups that he has trained to howl in the garden all day and all night, or the cat that breaks into your house to sleep in your pillowcase.

Davinia went on to say: "If someone in your local area has a pet with a funny, quirky or embarrassing habit, has behavioural issues or has a medical issue that needs diagnosing... We'd love to hear from them."

There you are, then. If you or someone know you know (or don't know) has a pet with a quirky, weird, or embarrassing problem, you or they can apply via email on [email protected] or you can call them up on 0161 952 1756.

You know you want to.

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