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Fisherman's 'Half-Man, Half-Dog' Sighting Leaves Bigfoot Expert Baffled

Fisherman's 'Half-Man, Half-Dog' Sighting Leaves Bigfoot Expert Baffled

A fisherman claims to have spotted a half-dog, half-human by a river in Texas.

A fisherman claims to have spotted a half-dog, half-human by a river in Texas that might just be Bigfoot.

The fisherman caught more than he intended when he captured footage of the mysterious creature on camera and left Bigfoot hunters feeling more than a little confused.

And, as you can imagine when someone thinks they may have seen Bigfoot, there was a lot of swearing.

Could this be Bigfoot?
Disclose Screen/YouTube

The video starts by showing grainy footage of a lake and what at first looks like a dog, loitering around the banks.

One of the onlookers asked: "What the f***, is that a dog or what?"

However, as the video continues, suddenly the figure stands up and, honestly, it does look a fair bit like Bigfoot.

Luckily, the fisherman caught the clip on camera, saying: "Holy s***, I got that on video."

While the footage is grainy, it piqued the interest of one Bigfoot expert, Andy McGrath, who has looked high and low for the legendary sasquatch for some time.

Andy spoke to the Daily Star about the footage, saying: "This footage, although compelling, is pretty hard to judge. The distance at which the creature stands away from the witnesses makes a positive identification of hoax or hungry Wolfman impossible.

The figure was crouched by the lake.
Disclose Screen/YouTube

"However, I would add that the reaction of the witnesses seems natural enough, although again, I would juxtapose that with their apparent lack of fear – which in itself could be explained away by their feeling safe, due to the wide river that effectively puts them out of reach of the animal."

Still, Andy takes his work very seriously, and offered other explanations for the sighting: "Could we be dealing with some unknown species of unidentified giant monkey? Loren Coleman and Patrick Huyghe write in ‘The Field Guide to Bigfoot and Other Mystery Primates’, of a Giant Monkey, that may inhabit the temperate regions of Asia and the Americas."

There are sites across the US where people claim to have spotted Bigfoot.
Stephanie Graeler/Alamy Stock Photo

So, it may not be Bigfoot, but it might be a giant monkey.

"Known as Kra-Dhan and Bekk Bok in Asia and as Salvaje and Isnashi in South America. The Giant Monkey is described as being 4-6 ft. tall, with a doglike or baboon-like face and pointed ears.

"It has dark piercing eyes and shaggy black or red hair. It is also reputed to be aggressive towards humans and dogs, which draws a parallel with several ‘werewolf’ reports in western nations. Surely, if a relict population of these animals had survived in small numbers in Europe and North America, then they would be convincing contenders for the fearsome werewolf?" the Bigfoot hunter continued.

So, what do you think, was it Bigfoot, a monkey or a really messed-up looking dog?

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Disclose Screen/Andrew McGrath

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