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‘Fit Felon’ Jonathan Cahill Has Now Been Arrested

‘Fit Felon’ Jonathan Cahill Has Now Been Arrested

Jonathan Cahill was wanted on recall to prison for breaching his bail conditions

Wanted man Jonathon Cahill who was dubbed a 'fit felon' has now been arrested by West Yorkshire Police.

Cahill was released from prison last September after serving part of a sentence for burglary, but was recalled to jail after allegedly breaching his bail conditions.

Police put out an appeal for information in an attempt to track him down, but were mostly met with comments about Cahill's good looks.

However, he's now been found, and the police issued a statement announcing his arrest.

It read: "An appeal was previously circulated in relation to Jonathan Cahill, 37, who was wanted on recall to prison.

"He has now been arrested and is in custody."

West Yorkshire Police

When images of the 37-year-old surfaced on social media, people clearly liked what they saw.

One person commented: "I hope he's not out in the cold. I have a spare room if he wants… Oh and a pair of handcuffs."

A second Twitter user wrote: "Leaving my backdoor unlocked tonight."

A third commented: "Purely in the interests of helping the police bring him to justice I will let him come break my back doors in and tie him to the bed until they arrive."

Another added: "He's just bust through my back doors help hehe x."

But the hot-or-not vote was not unanimous on this occasion.

One unimpressed chap wrote: "Aim higher ladies, no wonder half of you have terrible relationships and can't figure out what's gone wrong."

Another commented: "I must need to go to Specsavers because I can't see what everyone else seems to be seeing."

Although, after being found, one user wrote: "When does he come out and where from? #AskingForAFriend."

Another added: "He'll probably feel safer in nick!"

The police's original appeal for information regarding Jonathan Cahill read: "Officers are continuing enquiries to locate Cahill, who is described as being of medium build and approximately six feet tall.

"He is believed to be currently residing in Wakefield.

"Anyone who can assist in locating him is asked to contact police in Wakefield on 101 or by using the contact options on the West Yorkshire Police website."

The appeal certainly achieved good publicity and some compared Cahill with the US felon-turned-model Jeremy Meeks, whose mugshot went viral in 2014.

Meeks was later signed by a leading modelling agency once he'd secured his release from prison.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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