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Flat earther leaves interviewer frustrated over his theory on the sun

Flat earther leaves interviewer frustrated over his theory on the sun

Your head will probably hurt after listening to this.

Flat earthers are an interesting bunch because despite all the evidence that you show them that our planet is a globe, they just reject it.

While there is a general agreement on some issues within the flat earth community, believers can come up with their own theories and conspiracies.

That was made very apparent when comedian Jason Selvig interviewed a bloke outside a Flat Earth Convention in New York.

He told The Good Liars host that there are billions of suns.

"When you say the Sun, there is no the Sun," he said. "Everybody has their own sun."

Let's pause for a second.

This man wasn't trying to be symbolic or anything. He 100 per cent believes that everyone has a sun in the sky.

"There's a different sun for everybody," he added.

You could see Selvig get frustrated and confused by the conspiracy, because how the hell would there be multiple suns without everyone knowing about it.

The comedian asked: "So, how many suns are there?"

The Flat-Earther said: "As many people who are viewing it."

Cool, cool, cool.

He explained that the sun is only 50 miles above the surface of the earth, which would pose loads of problems for everyone.

martinwimmer/Getty Images

Considering just how hot the centre of our solar system is, having the sun that close to us would eviscerate everything in existence.

Even for Mercury, who is the closest planet to the sun, light appears 11 times brighter than on Earth, and that planet is still a casual 69.5 million kilometres from it.

But the sun being 50 miles away from us wasn't the only outrageous claim from this flat earther.

He said the big ball in the centre of us is actually cold (yes, really), and that the closer you get to it, the further it moves away.

Okay, so to summarise: there are apparently more than eight billion suns in the sky on a flat earth and it's actually cold instead of bursting with heat.

He wasn't able to explain how our planet then remains so warm or why it's hot when you step into the sun's rays.

But there in lies the heart of flat earthers is that they aren't to back up any of these silly claims with hard proof.

They are very happy to try and debunk official images from NASA or other experts, however when they're asked for a shred of proof for their own ideas, they crumble.

Featured Image Credit: X/The Good Liars

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