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Flight attendant 'refuses to let plane take off' until they clean up mess dropped in the aisle

Flight attendant 'refuses to let plane take off' until they clean up mess dropped in the aisle

A passenger claims the plane crew wouldn't take off until someone cleaned up spilled food

A passenger on board a flight claimed that a flight attendant held up the plane and wouldn't let the journey get underway until someone cleaned spilled food off the floor.

Jennifer Schaper was on board a Southwest Airlines flight and eager for the plane to take off as the flight had already been delayed when she claims the passengers were told they weren't going anywhere just yet.

It turned out that someone had brought rice onto the plane and managed to spill it all over the floor before take-off, and the flight attendant was absolutely not here for that sort of behaviour.

Instead she told passengers they'd be going nowhere until the person who spilled the rice cleared it up, saying they wouldn't want to walk through the mess.

Dubbing the whole thing '#RiceGate', Jennifer kept updating people on the status of the flight and the scene unfolding before her very eyes.

The plane wasn't taking off until someone had cleaned up the rice.

Taking to Twitter to update everyone on the situation, she wrote: "Because my travels seem to involve unintentional comedy: Just boarded the plane and somebody spilled food.

"The flight attendant screamed 'who spilled rice?' and is walking up and down the aisles. They are refusing to leave the gate until someone cleans the rice."

Jennifer then provided a series of further updates to let people know how things were going, including the moment that her row got 'the giggles' over the whole thing, which had the flight attendant 'looking at us suspiciously' in an attempt to root out the mess maker.

Shortly afterwards she provided another update that the rice was now being cleaned up off the floor but that the flight attendant was 'MAD' and let everyone know 'we were not raised right and she is disappointed in all of us'.

Jennifer later said there was no beverage service provided on the flight, which she reckoned might have been 'punishment' for the whole rice episode.

Eventually someone cleaned up the rice and the plane could take off, just as soon as someone finished up in the toilet.

This incident split opinion a bit as plenty thought the flight attendant was right to try and get the rice spiller to sort out the mess, arguing that people 'need to start acting right in public'.

Many showed sympathy for the flight attendant for having to deal with people who make a mess on the floor and expect someone else to clean it up.

Others thought it was 'unacceptable' that everyone got punished for one passenger's mess, while others thought it was 'unprofessional' to stop the plane from taking off until someone cleaned up their own mess.

Jennifer herself chipped into the debate to say she also thought that the person who spilled the rice ought to have cleaned it up, but said staff were 'out of line in how they handled the situation' by delaying the flight.

She also said that given how dramatic the flight attendant had been it was 'more comical than anything'.

To make matters worse, the delayed flight had to wait even longer to take off because another passenger took advantage of '#RiceGate' to pop off to the loo, meaning the plane still couldn't take off.

LADbible has contacted Southwest Airlines for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/JenSchap

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