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Pabst Blue Ribbon Unveils 99-Can Case Of Beer And We Are Envious

Pabst Blue Ribbon Unveils 99-Can Case Of Beer And We Are Envious

When you head to your nearest bottlo for a couple of beers before a night out or cheeky BBQ, you're often greeted with three options: you can buy single bottles or cans, a four or six-pack, or a case. Normally people will pick up at least a six-pack so they have enough to drink at the event they're attending, however a case will ensure you don't have to duck out for seconds.

But one American brewery has unveiled a case that will ensure you won't have to leave the venue for days. Introducing the Pabst Blue Ribbon 99-can pack.


This absolute beauty holds three types of beer inside the incredibly long case - Original, Easy and Extra - and retails for around US $175 (AUD $260 / £135), although some places have sold it for as little as US $124.99 (AUD $183 / £96) .

The massive packs were originally unveiled in Quebec, Canada in 2017 but quickly slid off the shelves due to high demand.

They're now being sold in the US states of Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin, according to the Des Moines Register.


Despite the high price, the cost per beer in this pack is around US $2 (AUD $3 / £1.50), which isn't bad considering a six-pack in Australia will normally set you back around AUD $20 (US $13.60 / £10.50).

But if you think 99 cans is impressive, then check out what Finland had to offer.

Someone in the Scandinavian country thought it would be a good idea to ensure people wouldn't have to go shopping for beer for a whole year.

A local brewery released a staggering 1,000-pack of lager.

Apparently, part of the reason that Keisari introduced the 1,000-pack was a joke at its rival's expense.

Opposing company, Karjala, brought out 100-packs so, obviously, Keisari had to one-up the competition.

It cost beer drinkers around £1,820, but who can put a price on happiness? GrubStreet reports that to hit 1,000, the brewery had to package five stacks of rows that are 12 beers wide by 18 beers long. This gives you a total of 1,080 cans.

The company said if it didn't manage to sell the 1,000-packs it would break them open and sell them in easier-to-manage chunks.

Featured Image Credit: @vancitynights_crobywalk/Instagram

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