Facebook Group Has 'Proof' Cadbury Is Bringing Back Marble To Australia

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Facebook Group Has 'Proof' Cadbury Is Bringing Back Marble To Australia

When Cadbury brought back Caramilk to Australia last year, people were ecstatic.

But judging from the comments, many people were more concerned with the lack of commitment to bring back another chocolate block: Marble.

The delicious mix of Dairy Milk, Dream White Chocolate and Hazelnut Praline Centre has been missing in action for years and people are angry. So angry there's a Facebook group with more than 20,000 followers demanding the flavour return.

Well, the group has just posted a series of photos on its page as 'proof' that Marble is making a comeback.


The photos include a box labeled Marble Trial 2020, a massive block of the sweet stuff and a bloke (probably the administrator of the group) holding up a wrapped package of Marble.

The photos were captioned with: "20k FOLLOWERS... our army is POWERFUL!!! Don't F**k with Bring Back Cadbury Marble FB page. A few peeps have been demanding proof, to quell that lack of faith I deliver you these. Vive La Marble!! We did it!"

If this is true, then it is huge news as the flavour is very much loved in Australia.


It reportedly hasn't been seen on our supermarket shelves and in our servos since 2012, so you can understand the hunger for it.

It's an interesting twist considering late last year Cadbury released a statement that it had no plans to reintroduce Marble to the market.

One serious fan of the flavour asked Cadbury on its Facebook page when we could expect a return and the company gave this reply: "Unfortunately, at this stage it will not be making a comeback. We do however appreciate your passion for Marble and we will pass on your feedback to the chocolate team."


Cadbury's parent company Mondelez International also told back in 2017 the reason Marble had to be discontinued was because there were other exciting flavours that needed to be explored.

The company said in a statement: "Unfortunately this sometimes means that nostalgic favourites need to be discontinued to make way for the new."

But clearly more than 20,000 loud voices on social media have been enough to potentially change the company's mind. If it turns out this is just a massive troll then we don't know what to believe in anymore because that would be a really cruel joke.

We can only hope and pray there's an official confirmation in the coming days, weeks or months.

Featured Image Credit: Bring Back Cadbury Marble/Facebook

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