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McDonald's is bringing back one of its most popular games next week

McDonald's is bringing back one of its most popular games next week

If you want to win prizes in exchange for a few drinks, McDonald's has your back

When you think about McDonalds, their Monopoly and various games inevitably follow as a thought.

But if you thought you’d have to wait ages to tuck into a yummy drink for some winnings, take a peek at what’s in store.

Maccies fans are only just realising that the fast-food chain is bringing back it’s chance to win offerings.

If you’re up for a festival ticket, cash prize and more, get ready for 13 March.

No, it’s not Monopoly, it’s the Winning Sips competition, which ran last year.

Fancy a free McMuffin?

All you need to do is buy a medium or large soft drink to be in for the chance of winning amazing prizes this week.

However, it’s not just expensive things you could win. You have the option to pull a winning card which gives you some yummy McDonalds menu items, or merch.

It works similarly to the Monopoly game, where you peel the sticker on your drink to find out what you’ve won.

Either you’ll get an Instant Win prize or App Play game piece, which means you need to scan your code on the McDonald's App for another chance to win.

But this year is different.

The chain has introduced 1,500 My McDonald's Rewards points if you play seven times in the McDonald's App with Bonus Sip.

You could be in with a the chance of winning cash.

Here’s a list of what you could win this year:








Hash Brown

Sausage and Egg McMuffin


Big Mac


Six Chicken McNuggets

Festival Tickets

Fruit bag

Coca-Cola glasses


Apple pie

Coca-Cola zero sugar


McDonald's drink slings

Sugar donut

McDonald's branded socks

Medium Milkshake

McCafe hot drink

McDonald's cooler bags

...Or you could win a coffee.

If you’re feeling a little parched, go and grab yourself a soft drink (or two) and reap the rewards!

I cannot tell you how excited I am to win an apple pie because those are like gold dust these days. Seriously, why are they always sold out?

However, if you’re not into this promotion, just know that you’ll have to wait until the Autumn to play Monopoly again…

Featured Image Credit: Flickr /McDonald’s

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