Gordon Ramsay Is Charging £275 Per Head For Christmas Dinner


Gordon Ramsay Is Charging £275 Per Head For Christmas Dinner

Christmas is approaching - too rapidly for some, not fast enough for others.

Gordon Ramsay may belong to the latter camp, given the amount of dosh he looks set to rake in.

The 55-year-old celebrity chef is charging £275 per head for Christmas dinner at his Savoy Grill in west London - and that price tag doesn't even cover drinks.


So, what exactly will you get? And by you, I don't actually mean you - I mean the ludicrously rich people who are happy to fork out hundreds of pounds on Christmas dinner.

The restaurant said: "Celebrate the festive season at Gordon Ramsay's Savoy Grill.

"On Christmas day the Savoy Grill will serve a stunning six-course meal with some wonderful dishes including; the Arnold Bennet Soufflé with aged Cheddar sauce, Beef Wellington, Dover sole and orange sorbet with Champagne foam, just to name a few."

Fair play, that does sound pretty delicious.

£275 worth of grub right there. Credit: Savoy Grill
£275 worth of grub right there. Credit: Savoy Grill

Diners can expect to part with a fair bit more than the £275 though, if they want a drink that is - and tipples will set you back a pretty penny too.

Cocktails cost £17 and up, while a bottle of beer is £7. And if you fancy staying sober, you can get a cup of tea for £6.50 or a fruit juice for £5.50.

Each guest will also incur a £2 charge and a 15 percent discretionary service charge will be added to the bill.


So, when you tot all that up, well, f**k me - as Gordon might say.

But hey, at least you won't have to do the dishes.

Last Christmas, Ramsay was roasted over a Christmas dinner served at his Bread Street Kitchen, with people claiming the gravy looked runny.


One person wrote: "That gravy is far too thin! Not good Ramsay."

Another commented: "Gravy's a bit runny."

While a third chipped in: "No doubt that'll taste amazing but that gravy looks like p***."

Others were less than pleased with the amount of carbs on offer - with one follower asking: "Where's the pile of roasties and mash?"


Another asked: "Where's the spuds? And I don't mean two."

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