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Chef rips Gordon Ramsay apart after trying his Pad Thai and 'dying inside'

Chef rips Gordon Ramsay apart after trying his Pad Thai and 'dying inside'

Now who's the idiot sandwich?

You would think, with the kind of vitriol Gordon Ramsay has dumped on young chefs over the years, that he would be immune from criticism, being so perfect.

But if you look back into the archives, you'll find that even the greats get it wrong sometimes.

And boy, did he get it wrong on one occasion in particular. Have a look for yourself:

Back in the day, Rambo used to head up a show called The F Word, which saw the TV chef put together a three-course meal for dozens of guests.

Famous faces would also take part in challenges and cook-offs, with the show interspersed with segments on food prep, diets, etc.

One such segment saw Ramsay head to a swanky restaurant and prepare a delicious plate of pad thai for a bunch of Buddhist monks from Wimbledon's Thai temple.

Well, that's how it was supposed to go down.

In a clip that always seems to be doing the rounds online, the 57-year-old heads straight into the kitchen of the Blue Elephant restaurant, where he meets up with exec chef Chang.

Gordon Ramsay thought he'd smashed the pad thai challenge.
The F Word/Channel 4

Clearly a bit nervous, Ramsay admits that the 'pressure is on', with Chang compounding on the general sense of unease, warning his guest that people 'never' send plates back to the kitchen. Gulp.

With a reputation to uphold, Chang sticks by Ramsay's side, watching every move he makes.

Jumping into things, G man throws in some shallots, spring onions, chilli, tamarind paste, and a handful of absolutely massive prawns.

"I'm so excited to be cooking for the monks today," he says. "Never cooked for monks before. Those prawns smell amazing."

Ramsay then finishes the dish off with fish sauce, salt, and some sugar, before pouring a beaten egg into the wok, adding the sauce, noodles, and bean sprouts.

Now comes the moment of truth.

Ramsay asks: "What will Chang think of my pad thai?"

If looks could kill.
The F Word/Channel 4

Chang has a taste... followed by an uncomfortably long pause. This is never a good sign, even I know that.

"What do you want to know from me? Ask me," Chang hits back at the chef.

"How is it?" he asks timidly.

To which a very honest Chang replies: "Hmm... no, this is not pad thai at all. No. Pad thai has to be sweet, sour, and salty."

Seemingly offended by the critique, Ramsay has a little bite, telling defiantly telling Chang: "I think that doesn't taste too bad. It's not perfect... "

"For you, but not for me," Chang retorts, ending the discussion.

Think that's a solid L for Ramsay.

Featured Image Credit: The F Word/Channel 4

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