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Greggs Fan Who Got £50 Worth Of Food For £2.50 Shares Secret

Greggs Fan Who Got £50 Worth Of Food For £2.50 Shares Secret

He managed to get his hands on sandwiches, doughnuts, sausage rolls and yum-yums

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A Greggs' fan managed to bag himself a whopping £50 worth of goodies for just £2.50 - and I am seriously envious.

Taking to Reddit, the baked goods lover shared a photo of an impressive haul including sandwiches, yum-yums, doughnuts and sausages rolls, all of which he got for a rock-bottom price thanks to a food-waste app.


Posting the photo, Redditor rbrownster1072 explained that he used the Too Good To Go app, adding: "£2.50 for all this, I must be in heaven!"

The app allows users to pick up 'magic bags' from various eateries and supermarkets - including Pret, Morrisons and Costa - which cost between £2 and £4 and are filled with items that would otherwise be chucked away.

You can't choose what's in the bag, but it's guaranteed to be worth more than what you'll pay - so you can't really lose.

In the comments, the Redditor went on to say he had a touch of luck the very first time he used the app.

He explained: "This is my first time using the app and I was not expecting this! I picked it up in the middle of a storm so the homeless people in my area were not around, so I was unable to give any out.

"I did however share this haul with my two housemates (all of us recent graduates trying to get by in London), I then took a lot of it into work today and shared about the office.


"If I ever strike this lucky again, I plan to take most of it to the nearest hostel/shelter."

He also added up the cost of everything and worked out his bag was worth £49.20 - but actually only paid 13p per item, thanks to the app.

As you can probably imagine, fellow Reddit users were impressed by the savvy shopper's bargain.

One person wrote: "That's awesome. My last one from Greggs had about 6 items. Still well worth it, but this is another level."

Another commented: Well somebody won at Greggs."

A third person joked: "I actually hate you. I tried this app twice and it was barely worth it each time."

You can download the app from Google Play or the App Store for free - but be quick if you spot anything you fancy, as the 'magic bags' do tend to fly out pretty sharpish.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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