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Greggs employee shares what time to get your food if you want it hot

Greggs employee shares what time to get your food if you want it hot

There's a right way to Greggs and it's all a matter of timing

A Greggs employee has lifted the lid on the key thing you need to do if you want to get food from them that's properly hot.

You don't want to be the person that goes into Greggs, gets a sausage roll and then discovers they're holding a lukewarm lump of sausage meat encased in a prison of rapidly chilling pastry.

Some Greggs customers have ended up going home surprised at their cold food, but the reason for that is the counter they're kept on isn't actually hot.

You'd assume the popular high street bakery would keep their food warm once it's out of the oven, and it's partly because it's cheaper for them to do that.

It's not just to do with the cost of running something to keep them warm, as if they did they'd also fall foul of the pasty tax.

Basically, if Greggs stuff was kept hot after it was baked it'd be subject to VAT and that'd lead to the prices being whacked up.

So that makes it a bit of a challenge to get in before the food has gone cold and make sure you're sinking your teeth into some hot sausage.

You want your sausage roll to be hot, so what time is best to go in and get it?
Matthew Horwood/Getty Images

Fortunately, Greggs employees are more than willing to tell you the trick to getting your hands on hot food.

If you check out the hallowed halls of Reddit you'll find plenty of Greggs employees willing to spill the sausage, beans and cheese melt on how to game the system.

Their advice is pretty consistent on what time you'd better get to Greggs if you want hot food, especially sausage rolls as they sell out the quickest of all.

Getting to Greggs for midday is your best bet for hot food as staff will likely have been cracking on in preparation for the lunchtime rush.

However, if you're sticking your head in nearer to the evening then you might be left with the dregs of what's left before they shut up shop for the day.

So there you have it, get to Greggs at the right time and you can have the sausage roll of your dreams.

This is the place you want to be.
Jacques Feeney/MI News/NurPhoto via Getty Images

As for how to get there, one bloke turned his car into 'The Sausage Roller' in tribute to Greggs and they rewarded him with some freebies.

When you get there don't be one of those annoying customers staff dread dealing with, as they'll also complain about you on the internet.

One former employee described an encounter where a customer wanted a plain cheese baguette, was told Greggs didn't have those and asked if staff could take the ham out of a ham and cheese one for them, to which the answer was no.

LADbible has contacted Greggs for comment.

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