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McDonald's Japan Launches Adult Cream Pies... No, Not Those Ones

McDonald's Japan Launches Adult Cream Pies... No, Not Those Ones

The new range has certainly caught the eye of customers

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

If you've ever tried to translate a word or phrase from one language back into English, you will be well aware that sometimes things can become a little lost.

A perfect example is McDonald's new range of tasty treats that are set to launch in Japan this week.

Available for a limited time only, the 'Adult Cream Pies' have certainly caused more than a few red faces since their imminent arrival was announced earlier this month.

If you aren't familiar with the other, much seedier meaning of 'cream pie', I urge you NOT to look it up on your computer. Really, don't.

Safe to say, Maccies pies and those found in the depths of the internet are not at all linked. It's a rather unfortunate translation.

McDonald's new range of sweet treats have certainly caught people's attention.

From this Wednesday, customers in Japan will be able to get their hands on two types of cream pie.

Setting diners back just ¥150 (£1.05), the first consists of 'crispy pie dough kneaded with cocoa powder' and 'is packed with chocolate cream using Belgian chocolate'.

The site adds: "A cream pie that fills the hearts of adults with a balance of chocolate sweetness and bitterness."

The second pie is a little bit saltier, and rather than chocolate it is packed full of cheese. Mmmm.

The description reads: "Crispy puff pastry kneaded with parmesan cheese is packed with sweet cheese cream using cream cheese. A cream pie that fills the hearts of adults with a balance between the sweetness and saltiness of cheese cream."

Whether the good folks over at McDonald's were aware of the potential confusion caused by the translation is not clear.

The limited edition pastry is available in Japan from this week.

What is for certain however, is that it hasn't gone over the heads of those who have come across the advert online, with many encouraging the fast-food giant to take a second look at it.

Taking to Twitter, one person said: "Gotta love Japan, where they censor porn and have creative products names like this."

A second person even offered their help in translating products for the burger chain, commenting: "If you pay me a few hundred dollars a month I'll be your English speaking consultant on naming. This literally is a sex term in English."

A third wrote: "English speaking users please raise your hands up... you know what I mean."

While another added: "Uh oh... Adult Cream Pie? Learn English Meaning."

Featured Image Credit: McDonald's

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