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The Most Unhealthy Festive Drinks This Christmas Contain More Than 12 Teaspoons Of Sugar

The Most Unhealthy Festive Drinks This Christmas Contain More Than 12 Teaspoons Of Sugar

Your dentist is gonna have kittens

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

We are officially in December so it's totally fine to think about Christmas, and more importantly how much food and booze you are going to consume over the next four to five weeks.

That's a month of solid gluttony, eating and drinking whatever you want, whenever you want - if you want to have a mince pie for breakfast, have at it - and that's before you even get to the Christmas roast and Boxing Day leftovers.

But as with all things, there is a price to pay, and by now most have come to terms with the fact that this level of greed is going to amount in a fair bit of weight gain around the midriff - it's ok, you can worry about it in January.

But it would seem that one of the worst culprits for that additional layer of insulation is the seemingly innocent festive drink, which, just like like the three tins of Quality Street you scoffed on Christmas Eve, will stick around with you long after the New Year.

So in the true spirit of Christmas we've compiled a list of some of the most unhealthy drinks on the market right now. You're welcome.

For each drink we chose the largest option with the most amount of calories and sugar.

Caffe Nero's festive drink packs a sugary punch.

At the top of the list comes high street chain Caffè Nero and its Belgian Truffle Hot Chocolate - you know it's not going to be a healthy one with a name like that - which, with an incredible 82.4g of sugar in a grande, is the sweetest drink on the market.

Just to put that into perspective, that is almost THREE TIMES the 30g recommended for an adult by the NHS.

The hot treat also has an enormous 542 calories, or a quarter of your daily allowance.

Starbucks is next on the list, and like all high street brands has added a number of seasonal treats to their menu - all of which pack a certain punch in their calorific content.

McDonald's Millionaire's Latte has 29g of sugar.
McDonald's UK

Though it would be a brave choice for this time of year, the Gingerbread Frappuccino - with oat milk - has 393 calories and 58.8g of sugar - or around 14 teaspoons.

And Costa's new Hazelnut and Praline Hot Chocolate - which has 525 calories and 52.9g of sugar - isn't far behind.

Even Pret a Manger is upping its sugar content this year. The faux-French eatery is currently selling an Orange Hot Chocolate, which contains 454 calories and 50.5g of sugar.

When you think about Greggs and Christmas there's usually only one thing on your mind, the Festive Bake - and for good reason, it's a highlight of the calendar for most.

However, they also have a few seasonal drinks on offer this time around, with the Mint Mocha and Mint Hot Chocolate their most calorific and sugar-filled with 363kcal and 50g each.

Taking last spot on this list is McDonald's Millionaire's Latte, which has 244kcal and 29g of sugar - less than half the results for Caffè Nero's Belgian Truffle Hot Chocolate, for added perspective.

Some food for thought.

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